The Thompson Family

About Me:
I am the "Logistics Coordinator for Domestic Affairs" here at the Thompson Household!  I started this blog as a challenge with a friend and it has grown into my own personal space to vent, share pictures with family and friends, and post what ever is on my mind every day! I live my life for Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. I love my husband, Tyler and sons, Everett and Nolan with all my heart!  I currently work from home so the time that I have to spend with my children and husband is very precious to me.  

About Tyler:
Tyler is a busy working dad who makes every effort to provide Everett, Nolan, and I with everything we could ever want.  He is a God fearing, family loving, genuine man and I am so proud that he is my husband and the father of my children.  Tyler enjoys golfing and watching baseball but most of all he loves playing with the boys and relaxing together as a family.

About Everett:
Our sweet little baby big boy captured our hearts from the very start and changed our lives so much! He is a funny and inquisitive three year old and is growing and learning so much with each passing day! 

About Nolan
Nolan is fearless and wants to be just like his big brother.  He is the kind of kid that you have to watch every minute because he loves to climb, jump, run, and explore.  I loved this little dude the first second I saw him and can't wait to see who he grows up to be!  

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