Monday, October 5, 2015

Maternity Photos by Todd Barnhill Photography

We had maternity photos taken by the wonderful Todd Barnhill and they turned out great! He came out to our house and our lovely neighbors let us use their backyard for some of the photos.  I can't wait to get these photos printed to have in our house!  Thanks Todd! 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Jack Ray's Birth Story

Jack Ray was due on September 8, 2015 however there were several times before then that I thought he was coming!  I had prodromal labor for almost three weeks prior to his actual birth and man-oh-man was that a frustrating experience.  I never felt natural labor contractions with Everett's birth because I was induced and with Nolan's birth the first time I felt a contraction was when I was in labor, so this was a new experience!  The first time I felt contractions I went for a few long walks and really was hoping that labor day was here, but it was to no avail.  At one point, I was having contractions for days on end- however they were not ridiculously painful and I pushed them to the back of my mind because I didn't want to keep getting my hopes up.  
My last belly photo, 40 weeks
September 8th came and went and Jack Ray seemed quite content in the womb however I was a little worried that he was 'sunny side up' (aka posterior position) so I asked my OB to check for me at my next appointment.  On September 10th I went in for my appointment and my OB determined that Jack Ray was head down but in the posterior position however he assured me that most babies turn to face the right direction prior to birth.  Since I was past my due date, my doctor mentioned that if I made it to my next appointment we would need to start talking about when and how to begin the induction process.  He was very approving of my wishes to have a natural labor and was more than happy to wait until I was 42 weeks pregnant to push for an induction which I was glad to hear.  

After my appointment that day, my mom, the boys, and I went to run some errands and I happened to feel a contraction- however, it was different than the ones that I had been having.  I pushed it out of my mind because I figured it was nothing and went about my day.  I continued to feel contractions throughout the rest of the afternoon and evening but kept assuming that they were nothing.  Around 9pm I started to time them because it seemed like they were getting a little more painful, they were about ten minutes apart at that time.  

As the night went on, they got more intense and closer together.  Tyler went to bed around midnight but I couldn't sleep because, although I was trying to not get excited, I wanted to see if they would keep on coming.  Finally around 3am when the contractions were about six minutes apart, I decided to try go to sleep. I was able to sleep in about thirty minute increments and got up around 6:30am to take a shower and get ready.  When I got out of the shower, the contractions were about four minutes apart and steadily getting stronger.  I called my mom, Tiphany, and the OB's office around 7:30am to let them know that I would probably head to the hospital in about an hour or so.   My mom and dad planned to meet us there and Tiphany was planning to come after I got checked into Labor and Delivery (L&D).  

We arrived at the hospital at 8:45am and as soon as I got out of the call I started to shake uncontrollably, which I knew meant I was in transition.  As we were walking in I text Tiphany "Come now. I am shaking."  Once we got up to L&D, they took me back to a triage room and checked to see how dilated I was- I was praying that I was at least 5cm!  The nurse asked me a bunch of general questions and then checked me and we discovered that I was 9cm! She quickly ducked her head out of the triage room and asked one of the other nurses to call my OB because the baby would be coming soon!  As we moved from the triage room to my permanent room I had Tyler call my mom to make sure that they were almost to the hospital.  
Once we got in the room, my OB came in and broke my water while the nurses continued to ask me questions and get things prepared.  Earlier in my pregnancy, I tested GBS Positive and had planned to have penicillin however since I came in at 9cm my OB decided  that there wouldn't be time enough for both doses.  I was actually relieved to not have to be hooked up to an IV while delivering the baby but it did mean that we would be required to stay an extra day at the hospital for monitoring.   One of the nurses asked me "Have you ever had a natural delivery before," needless to say she was glad to find out that I had and she didn't have to inform me that it was too late for an epidural.  

Breaking my water took the contractions from three minutes apart to less than a minute apart and they extremely painful.  After about twenty minutes, I started to bear down a little with each contraction and asked the nurse to check to see if I had any change.  She checked and said that I was 10cm but was not fully effaced.  My OB came in a few minutes later and asked me to do a test push to see if Jack Ray's head could help to get things where they needed to be.  After the test push , around 9:40am he asked me "Okay, are you ready to push?"  I think I kind of freaked out when he asked me that because I was expecting to have to hang out for a little while longer.  With the next set of contractions I started to push however, at one point I recall me falling back on the bed and saying "I don't want to do it anymore!" and "I can't do it, I'm not going to do it!"  At that point my OB, Tiphany, my mom, and Tyler gave me a little pep talk and I geared up for the next contraction.  Part of my birth plan was to 'catch' the baby after his head and shoulders were out, I pushed as hard as I could and finally little Jack Ray entered the world.  I was able to pull him right on my chest!

The first thing I noticed about Jack Ray was that he was looking right at me with his eyes wide open!  He took a few minutes to cry so the nurses were rubbing him with blankets trying to get him to make some noise.  I wasn't worried because I could feel him breathing and I was just so relieved that he was finally here.  Since Tyler isn't into the whole 'blood thing,' my mom was able to cut the cord! He was born at 9:51am on September 11, 2015 weighing 7lbs 12oz and was 21" long.  

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

#ThompsonNumber3 To Do List: Preparing for Jack-Attack

Since I am only four one week away from #ThompsonNumber3's debut I figured I better make a list of things I still need to do in order to be ready for him to be here! 

Things to get out of storage
Things to do
  • Put clothes into the dresser
  • Install infant car seat into the car
  • Pack hospital bag
  • Complete birth plan and print out a few copies to take to the hospital
  • Hang up artwork in his room
  • Put crib together
I am actually surprised at how much of the list has already been completed but there is always more to be done!  Typing up my birth plan is the BIGGEST thing that needs to be done as soon as possible- Jack could be here tonight or in six weeks... lets hope it's sooner than later! 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Thompson's Big Move

It has certainly been a roller coaster of a ride but we are FINALLY in our new house and are mostly settled in! I can't wait to share all of the before/after photos of each room but for now I will leave you with a few sneak peeks! :)  Also, please excuse the "iPhone camera quality" of the photos... I will get my nice camera out and take some better photos for the upcoming posts! 

I can just hear Ty Pennington saying "Welcome home Thompson family, welcome home!"

The fireplace redo turned out better than I imagined! 

This boy LOVES being outside.

This boy LOVES being in the basement. 

Tyler's bar area

Living room

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

#ThompsonNumber3 Belly Photos

A collection of photos highlighting the growing belly! 

9 and 10 weeks
11 and 12 weeks

13 and 14 weeks

15 and 16 weeks

17 and 18 weeks

19 and 20 weeks

22 and 23 weeks

24 and 25 weeks

27 and 29 weeks

30 and 31 weeks

33 and 34 weeks

35 weeks

Want to compare Jack's pregnancy to Nolans?  Click here

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Birthday Questions: Everett turns 4

1. What is your favorite color?
- Purple, I mean blue

2. What is your favorite toy?
- Big Iron Man

3. What is your favorite fruit?
-  Cows

4. What is your favorite tv show?
- Optimus Prime, Nature shows, and all the shows that daddy likes 

5. What is your favorite movie?
- Big Iron Man movie (Avengers)

6. What is your favorite thing to wear?
-  Red t-shirts 

7. What is your favorite animal?
- Lion, I mean a tiger 

8. What is your favorite song?
- Iron Man

9. What is your favorite book?

10. Who is your best friend?
- Daddy

11. What is your favorite snack?
- M&Ms and craisins 

12. What is your favorite drink?
- Soda even though I not supposed to

13. What is your favorite breakfast?
- Cinnamon rolls

14. What is your favorite lunch?
- Cheese

15. What is your favorite dinner?
- Mac-n-Cheese

16. What is your favorite game?

17. What is your favorite thing to play outside?
- Go see my dog and pet my dog 

18. What is your favorite holiday?
- Halloween to dress up like a robot

19. Who do you sleep with at night?
- Mommy, daddy, and Nolan

20. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Chatting with Everett (3 years old)

Everett: I love you. 
Me: I love you too.
Everett: Aw, you a weally (really) good friend. 

Everett: Where we are we? We there yet?

Everett: Daddy you need to eat your food so you get big and strong like Jimbo, him getting bigger.

Everett: (Yawns) I tire-erd
Me: Why did you get up so early?
Everett: To go to work. 
Me: Oh ya? What kind of work?
Everett: With my guys and Ba-wee (Bailey, the neighbors dog)
Me: Fun! What will y'all do?
Everett: We building a green house.. and paint it red!

Everett: Oh look the moon is out again. It is my home and then it went crash and boom and smooshed me.

Everett: (Playing in his kitchen) JoJo, you want lemonade or apple juice?
Jordan: Lemonade please
Everett: We don't have that 
Jordan: Okay, apple juice
Everett: Ummmm we have water
Jordan: That will be fine

Everett: That is a spiderman bum-futter-why (butterfly)

Me: (Talking to Nolan) You're hilarious
Everett: No you're hair less

Tyler: You have been laying around since 2 o'clock
Everett: No, its fun o'clock

Me: (While watching TV) What is she wearing?
Everett: Um a coat.

Everett: I am Thorn! (Thor)  Wait, where is my hammer?
Me: I'm not sure, where was it last?
Everett: Oh here it is! (Picks up a toy cell phone)
Me: Well, that's the phoniest hammer I've ever seen!

Everett: What church we going?
Me: To Colt's church. 
Everett: Oh. I love him. Him my best friend.

Me: Who wants donuts?
Everett: Captain America do's (sounded like dooze) 

Everett: Ms. Darween (Darlene) we went to the Mad Dinner!
Me: Breakfast with the Mad Hatter?
Everett: Ya, there was the Mad Hatter and Awlice and Penna the Boo (Winnie the Poo) and Tigger and Mary Poppins and the Mad Hatter

Everett: You like my new guy? My nutcracker guy.
Me: I love him. What's his name?
Everett: Let's name him Sanna Claus... and the nother guys (the other nutcrackers we have) named Rudolph, Tonio, and Be-ba-bee. The blue guy is just a nutcracker. 
Me: No name?
Everett: No wets cawl him Steve Rogers, the first avenger! The nother blue guy, him Tony Stork (Stark) and he's Iron Man! 
Me: What about the rest?
Everett: Just nutcrackers. They all nutcrackers.

Everett: Can you enlock (unlock) the gate?

Everett: I want to watch Starwerrs (Star Wars)

Everett: (Out of breath) Gaga, guess what I just ate?
Gaga: What?
Everett: Two!

Everett: What's a prianna (piranha)?

Everett's list of acceptable baby names:
- Steve
- Steve Moto-Jack
- Superman 
- Steve PigPaw
- Batman
- Goobywandy

While going through a list of movies to pick from to each Everett stops me... 
Everett: Wait. Ma-ass-car? What's that?
Me: Its got King Julian and a bunch of animals in it. 
Everett: Do they talk?
Me: Yes
Everett: Oh ya! Let's watch Ma-ass-car!

Me: What did you do during church class?
Everett: We played doctorseuss.
Me: What's that?
Everett: You know you sit and the pat your head and then you run and then you sit.
Me: Oh! Duck, duck, goose!

Me: Let's go to the store. 
Everett: Are we going to Lion King? 
Me: No, not to Food Lion. 
Everett: Aw man.

Me: Do you know why we celebrate Easter?
Everett: Where?

Me: Do you want me to roll your sleeves up?
Everett: No because I'm hungry. 

Everett: (Telling Nolan a story to console him) One night there was a beautiful girl who was mommy and a beautiful boy who was you. Then Batman and Joker was... Umm now a dog story- him name was Red and him family was Everett and Nolan and mommy and daddy and everybody in the city has dogs and my name is Everett and I live with my mommy. My mommys mommy is Rae Rae. 

Balance bike = balentines bike 

Everett: Daddy, you wanna play basketball?!
Tyler: Uhhhhh
Everett: Yeah, you be the blue team and I'll be the crocodile. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Letters to Everett: 5/22/15

Dear Everett,

How are you already four years old!?  These past four years have gone by in a flash and I am so thankful for every single moment.  We have certainly had our share of ups and downs but every second that you are in our lives is a blessing!  You are such an inquisitive young boy and you want to know every detail of how things work and why things happen.  Daddy and I might get a wee bit frustrated with all of the questions but we know that it is helping to develop your growing mind so we try to not mind too much! 
You are still as sweet as you can be and love to share hugs and kisses with us.  Overall you have a great disposition and are pleasant most of the time- but you are four, so from time to time we do have some tantrums here are there.  Sometimes we don't understand exactly what it is you want or why you are upset about things and we aren't exactly sure how to move forward but we are doing the best that we can.  We are praying that God will guide us in the right direction. 
You were excited to learn that you will be a big brother again and you are looking forward to the baby coming! You can't wait to hold him and show him all the cool things that you do. You enjoy all things superhero, to include the Avengers, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and the Power Rangers. I think that if you had your way, we would watch nothing but superhero shows all day!  You like to play outside, especially when we go to the farm with friends or go to the pool.  
I am so excited to be your mom and I cherish every day that we have together.  I pray every day that God will continue to watch over and protect our family so that we can be together for many many years to come.  I love you so much and am so happy to watch you learn and grow more each day.  You are such a joy my sweet boy.  

Momma and daddy love you to the moon and all the way back! 


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