Sunday, May 17, 2015

Letters to Nolan: 5/18/15

Dear sweet Nolan, 

I am so amazed at how much you have grown and how much you are continuing to grow each and every single day.  You are taking more and more and putting words together to form cute caveman-like sentences now.  Most of the time we are able to figure out what you are saying and as the days go by you add more and more words to your growing vocabulary. 

When you want something, you do anything that you can to get it!  I love your spunk and your personality and how much you live in the moment.  You are very feisty when things don't quite go your way but are easily distracted away by things that are of interest to you.  Nolan, you are quite the little character and you love to put on a show.  Frequently we will find you dancing, singing, and jumping around providing all sorts of fun entertainment for anyone who might be around.  

The thing that I think you like to do the most is to eat!  You love meat and fruit, of course sweets, but you will pretty much eat anything and everything and enjoy eating.  While your love of eating is strong, you are still mastering the art of feeding yourself.  Most of the food makes it into your mouth however there is always a bit of overflow.  :) 
You love to be outside and run in the great outdoors!  You always want to be doing what Everett is doing and you don't let much get in the way of your plans.  You do not have very many fears (except of bounce houses and electronic fish that swim in the bathtub) so you usually do not hesitate to climb stairs, jump off of things, anything that looks fun and exciting.  

A major development we have had in the past month is that you are potty training! We started elimination communication with you around your first birthday and now you are almost fully potty trained!  I am so proud of you and how eager you are to sit on the potty when you need to go.  We have had some accidents, but you are getting the hang of it and even got to "pee in the grass" (as Everett calls it) the other day! 
Oh sweet Nolan, I love you so much.  You have brought so much joy into my life and I cannot imagine life without you in it.  You are such a sweet sweet boy and your laugh is so infectious!  I do have to admit that I love when you want me to hold you when you are angry or upset and you need your momma (or mommy as you now call me).  Thank you for being such a joy in our lives, I love you so so much. 

Momma and daddy love you to the moon and all the way back! 


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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Look What Laura Made: A Quilt for #KinderSchmidt

One of the first friends I made when I moved to good old Virginia was Sarah. We were in gymnastics, cheer leading, and student council together and were best friends throughout high school.  We are lucky enough to have the wonderful internet (thanks Al Gore) and so I was able to secure a sweet photo of us from high school graduation! 
Gosh we were young but really, we are like fine wine Sarah, we only get better with age!
So when Sarah announced that she and her hubby Brennan were expecting a baby I knew immediately that I wanted to make their baby a Stars and Stripes inspired quilt.  You see, Sarah was all about America before #murica was even a thing... she and Brennan's wedding colors were red, white, and blue! So the boys and I headed off to the craft store in search of the perfectly patriot fabric for #kinderschmidt (yes, the baby has a hashtag)! 

After I picked out the fabric I started brainstorming ideas for how I wanted to lay out the quilt.  I had come across "coin quilts" in my searches and thought that a modified version of that might be cute, especially because I had so many different fabric patterns.  Here's the layout that I came up with...
After I had it laid out the way I wanted it, I got to work.  This was a fun yet challenging quilt because of the layout I had selected but I am quite pleased with how it turned out!
Here's an in-progress picture of the quilt making process!
The finished product!
Ready to keep #kinderschmidt nice and warm!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Letters to Everett: 11/22/14


You are growing and growing and growing! I am so proud of the little dude that you are and how awesome you are with your brother.  You are a loving and kind spirited big brother and love to play with Nolan more than almost anything.  The two of you are getting along more and more these days and it is so fun to see the two of you playing together and having fun! 

Now that you are getting older, you really are getting into doing things for yourself which is bittersweet because you really aren't a baby anymore! Every day you are learning how things work and learning more about the world around you and it is such a blessing to watch you grow. 

Your imagination is at work within you! The drawings that you come up with are so cute and the stories that you tell are so fun to listen to- you are quite creative.  This year for Halloween mommy made you a Peter Pan costume, just like mommy was when she was your age! You had a whole entourage: RaeRae went as Tinkerbell, PigPaw was a Pirate, Mommy was Tiger Lilly, and Nolan and Daddy were Lost Boys!  We had a lot of fun and you really (really) really liked the candy part the best! 

Time is going by so fast and I know that I say that almost every day, but its true.  Every single day with you is a blessing and I am so proud and happy to be your mother.  You give me a joy that is unexplained and I cannot imagine life without you, your brother, and daddy!  You are the best! :) 

Momma and daddy love you to the moon and all the way back! 


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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Letters to Nolan: 11/18/14

Mr. Nolan,

You are 18 months old today and boy what a big guy you are growing up to be! You continue to amaze me every day with new things that you've learned how to do and new words that you are learning! Everett is your best friend and you want to be doing exactly what he is doing... sometimes before he's even doing it!  You like to climb on anything and everything and especially like to go down the slide... I think you might be a thrill seeker! :) 

This past month your jibber jabber has been transforming and you are starting to form words.  You are learning Spanish from Suyapa and really like to say "agua"... I think it is probably your favorite word! You have such an animated way of speaking; when you say Please, you rub your hands together and say "Peeeeease" with your teeth together, lips pulled all the way to each side, and your eyes squeezed shut! It is so CUTE!  Some words you know are: 
  • Momma, Daddy, Everett, PaPa, Rae,GaGa
  • Agua, Drink, Nack (Snack), NUH! (Nurse)
  • Ny-Ny (Night night), Bye, Hiiiii
  • Peeeease (Please), Tanks (Thanks)
  • Mine, Me, No

Nursing is still one of your favorite things to do but eating is right up there with it! You are a great eater and are generally happy to try new foods.  Your favorite thing to eat right now is scrambled eggs, just like Everett! Whenever you want something to drink you always ask for agua... unless you want to nurse. Haha.  (Don't hate me when you're older for writing this!)

Oh Mr. Nolan! You are such a sweet and amazing baby toddler and are growing up too quickly!  These past 18 months have been joy-filled and I have loved every single minute.  You love to play and be with Everett, snuggle with mommy, and rough-house with daddy! Thank you for being part of our family, I love you more than you will ever know! 

Momma and daddy love you to the moon and all the way back! 


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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Pumpkin Patch Fun

For the past few years we have been going up to Graves Mountain for the Apple Festival with our cousins/best friends to kick off the fall but this year we decided to change things up and go to the Pumpkin Patch instead!  Some people think change is a bad thing but in this case, it definitely was not! The kids had a blast because there was so much more to do at the Pumpkin Patch and I am pretty sure that the adults had just as much fun as the kids did!  I brought my camera along with me and couldn't decide what photos to share, so here's a photo overload from our adventure! 

So serious! 
He was not interested in smiling for the camera...
The farm that the Pumpkin Patch was at had a CORN BOX!  It. Was. Amazing!  The kids Everyone loved it and had a blast playing, swimming, and being covered up in the corn. Colt and Everett really liked to jump from the side into the corn!


I got to break in my new boots!
Since the farm had some great scenery and props we had to try to get some family photos and shots of the boys... we may or may not have been too successful...

This was the only one with all three of them... maybe next year we will get one!
As you can see... they didn't want to sit still for photos!


Krystal (baby Brooks) and I

Happy fall y'all! :)