Thursday, July 2, 2015

Chatting with Everett (3 years old)

Everett: I love you. 
Me: I love you too.
Everett: Aw, you a weally (really) good friend. 

Everett: Where we are we? We there yet?

Everett: Daddy you need to eat your food so you get big and strong like Jimbo, him getting bigger.

Everett: (Yawns) I tire-erd
Me: Why did you get up so early?
Everett: To go to work. 
Me: Oh ya? What kind of work?
Everett: With my guys and Ba-wee (Bailey, the neighbors dog)
Me: Fun! What will y'all do?
Everett: We building a green house.. and paint it red!

Everett: Oh look the moon is out again. It is my home and then it went crash and boom and smooshed me.

Everett: (Playing in his kitchen) JoJo, you want lemonade or apple juice?
Jordan: Lemonade please
Everett: We don't have that 
Jordan: Okay, apple juice
Everett: Ummmm we have water
Jordan: That will be fine

Everett: That is a spiderman bum-futter-why (butterfly)

Me: (Talking to Nolan) You're hilarious
Everett: No you're hair less

Tyler: You have been laying around since 2 o'clock
Everett: No, its fun o'clock

Me: (While watching TV) What is she wearing?
Everett: Um a coat.

Everett: I am Thorn! (Thor)  Wait, where is my hammer?
Me: I'm not sure, where was it last?
Everett: Oh here it is! (Picks up a toy cell phone)
Me: Well, that's the phoniest hammer I've ever seen!

Everett: What church we going?
Me: To Colt's church. 
Everett: Oh. I love him. Him my best friend.

Me: Who wants donuts?
Everett: Captain America do's (sounded like dooze) 

Everett: Ms. Darween (Darlene) we went to the Mad Dinner!
Me: Breakfast with the Mad Hatter?
Everett: Ya, there was the Mad Hatter and Awlice and Penna the Boo (Winnie the Poo) and Tigger and Mary Poppins and the Mad Hatter

Everett: You like my new guy? My nutcracker guy.
Me: I love him. What's his name?
Everett: Let's name him Sanna Claus... and the nother guys (the other nutcrackers we have) named Rudolph, Tonio, and Be-ba-bee. The blue guy is just a nutcracker. 
Me: No name?
Everett: No wets cawl him Steve Rogers, the first avenger! The nother blue guy, him Tony Stork (Stark) and he's Iron Man! 
Me: What about the rest?
Everett: Just nutcrackers. They all nutcrackers.

Everett: Can you enlock (unlock) the gate?

Everett: I want to watch Starwerrs (Star Wars)

Everett: (Out of breath) Gaga, guess what I just ate?
Gaga: What?
Everett: Two!

Everett: What's a prianna (piranha)?

Everett's list of acceptable baby names:
- Steve
- Steve Moto-Jack
- Superman 
- Steve PigPaw
- Batman
- Goobywandy

While going through a list of movies to pick from to each Everett stops me... 
Everett: Wait. Ma-ass-car? What's that?
Me: Its got King Julian and a bunch of animals in it. 
Everett: Do they talk?
Me: Yes
Everett: Oh ya! Let's watch Ma-ass-car!

Me: What did you do during church class?
Everett: We played doctorseuss.
Me: What's that?
Everett: You know you sit and the pat your head and then you run and then you sit.
Me: Oh! Duck, duck, goose!

Me: Let's go to the store. 
Everett: Are we going to Lion King? 
Me: No, not to Food Lion. 
Everett: Aw man.

Me: Do you know why we celebrate Easter?
Everett: Where?

Me: Do you want me to roll your sleeves up?
Everett: No because I'm hungry. 

Everett: (Telling Nolan a story to console him) One night there was a beautiful girl who was mommy and a beautiful boy who was you. Then Batman and Joker was... Umm now a dog story- him name was Red and him family was Everett and Nolan and mommy and daddy and everybody in the city has dogs and my name is Everett and I live with my mommy. My mommys mommy is Rae Rae. 

Balance bike = balentines bike 

Everett: Daddy, you wanna play basketball?!
Tyler: Uhhhhh
Everett: Yeah, you be the blue team and I'll be the crocodile. 

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