Tuesday, October 2, 2012

An Apology and an Explanation

To all my wonderful Not So Average Momma followers, 

I appreciate all of the "blog love" and comments that I receive and I wanted to let you know why I have been MIA all of a sudden.  You may have seen my "Moving Day" post this past Saturday where I mentioned we were moving and that I had a migraine and an upper respiratory infection. I have been laying on the couch, unable to do anything since Monday night (September 24th) and went to urgent care on Friday where I was misdiagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and given a Z-pack.  By Sunday I was feeling worse and Tyler took me to the emergency room where further tests showed that I had a massive bacterial infection (on top of the migraine).  I was given a full bag of IV fluid, a shot of antibiotics, instructed to finish the Z-pack, as well as an additional antibiotic prescription. 

A BIG thank you to everyone who came out to help us move this weekend especially to Tyler's mom, Teresa.  We would not have half of our stuff if she wasn't there to help us pack it up.  Thanks to my parents; Tyler's parents, Uncle Scott, and Meme; Walter and Angelina; Jessica; and Krystal and Aaron. 

I am still laying on the couch but am slowly feeling a little better. I want to apologize for abandoning y'all but I am hoping to go back to regularly posting soon.

Lots of love,


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