Monday, October 8, 2012

Thompson Number Two: Week 8

Weight gained to date: -2 lbs, Since I was in and out of urgent care and the ER and I was dehydrated I haven't really put on any weight yet.  (Yay) 
Estimated size of baby:  Raspberry (.5 inches long)
Foods I am craving: SUBWAY! Once I started feeling better from being sick and could actually start eating again I think I have been to Subway three times! 
Foods I am staying away from: Sweets and peanut butter- so weird because I usually have a ridiculous sweet tooth!  I guess this will help me not gain too much weight!  
How I am feeling: Much better THANK GOODNESS!  Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts these past two weeks.   I am pretty tired but that is definitely a normal pregnancy symptom! :) 

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