Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Letters to Everett: 1/22/13


You are 20 months old and you are a walking talking boy!  You remind me almost every day that you aren't a baby anymore by all of the things that you are doing and saying.  You are adding words to your vocabulary almost every day- I am trying to keep track of them but it is getting harder and harder! 

You still love to take baths and get really excited when we tell you that it is bath time.  You have all kinds of toys and instruments for the bath tub and you even have these cool tablets that we add to the water to make it change colors!  You like the duck that goes on the faucet and talk about him a lot when you are in the tub. 
A lot of the times when you walk, you hold your hands together behind your back.  It is very cute and I love it! You look like an old fashioned detective looking for clues.  I keep trying to get a picture of you doing it but you don't stay still long enough for me to get the picture!
Two big things have happened this month... You have stared taking regular naps this month (hallelujah) and I think that this has been very good for you because you seem to have a more regular schedule. You also have decided that you don't need to nurse anymore.  This makes momma a little sad because it is another reminder that you are growing up! 

Here's what you've been up to this month: 
1/1/13:  Signed help
1/2/13:  Said truck
1/7/13:  Said tree
1/16/13:  You decided to wean from nursing
1/18/13:  Said "ye-yo" for yellow, said poop
1/19/13:  Said potty
1/20/13:  Identified a yellow car

1/21/13:  Switched to 18-24 month clothes

Momma and daddy love you to the moon and all the way back! 

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  1. The old fashioned detective comment made me laugh! That is exactly what it looks like. Awww, little E is growing up too fast. Miss you guys!


  2. awww so cute. i loved all the details. i hope you get a picture of him holding his hands behind his back!