Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Let it Snow!

This past week we were "blanketed" by snow in Virginia! Okay maybe not blanketed... it snowed a few inches and had melted by the next day but it did give me a chance to take Everett out for his first "real" snow day.  Last year he was too little to really understand the whole snow thing, so I was pretty excited about how he would react.  What was even better was that I didn't know it was going to snow, so when we woke up I was like a little kid at Christmas!  
Now, don't get me wrong I dislike HATE the cold but I do think that if it is going to be cold then adding a little snow could only make the whole "being cold outside" thing a little better. So when Everett woke up I promptly took him to the window and let him check out the snow.  The first thing he said was "woooowww."  So cute.  He then asked to eat (apple doesn't fall far from the tree) so after we had a little breakfast I started getting him suited up to go outside.  That is when things started to fall apart.  He disliked HATED the snowsuit, the jacket, and most of all the gloves.  The dang gloves was what sent him into an all out fit.  Being the good mother that I am I continued to suit him up because I "knew" that once we got outside he would love the snow. Wrong. I don't think we were outside for 35 seconds.    It was definitely a failed attempt.
Later that morning Tyler's little sister Marley came over to hang out because school was canceled and she wanted to play out in the snow.  Well, when Everett saw Marley playing in the snow with Mowgli he immediately wanted to go outside.  I reminded him that he had to put on his snowsuit and he didn't put up a protest.  So I started gearing up him and saved the gloves until we were outside.  Once we started walking out the door he was very happy so I had Marley distract him while I carefully jammed his gloves over his hands.  He was a little disgruntled about having them on but not entirely upset.  
For the first few minutes he just stood still while he watched Marley run around play.  He would bend down and pick up the snow and inspect it.  He didn't want to eat it though.  After checking out the area and the snow he finally started walking around and "playing" in the snow. Overall I think it was a win for Everett and the snow! :)  

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