Friday, February 1, 2013

Instacram: December & January

Stole this idea from Jess! She posts an almost monthly "Instacram" post with all of her Instagram photos which I think is pretty rad!  I've posted some photos before (here) but I would like to try to post a little more often.  So here they are! 
A boy, his truck, and his dog.  
Sleeping with his whole body on the pillow!
Eating some froyo!
Passed out in the car seat
Sweet mohawk dude!
So cute!
Jingle wanted in on the truck action!
Everett tucked in baby Max
Inspection the scene of the crash... 
Sleepy boy
Where's my spoon!?
Kissing Mowgli Bear!
Feeling baby brother kick
Love this little boy!
Apparently water in a Starbucks cup is better than regular water?
Four generations
Love that hair! 

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