Friday, February 22, 2013

Letters to Everett: 2/22/13

Dear Everett,

Oh sweet boy! You are getting so big so fast and I can barely keep up with everything that you are doing! I love you so much and I am reminded daily of how great that love is.  You are 21 months old now but it feels like I have known you for my whole life.  You are such a kind boy and I am so glad that God picked me to be your momma. 
This past month you got to play in the snow for the "first" time and you weren't really that thrilled with it until Aunt Marley showed you how fun it is!  You really enjoy exploring outdoors so whenever it has been nice this past month we have been trying to get out and play.  I know you are going to be so excited when the spring is there and we can go outside everyday! 
You are still a picky eater but you really love waffles! I tried to "trick" you into eating gluten free waffles but you weren't really into it as much as your beloved chocolate chip waffles. You are happy eating fruit snacks, grapes, cookies- oh you LOVE cookies! Pretty much anything sweet it right up your alley! 

Here's what you've been up to this month: 

01/24/13: Said "mm-nah" for banana

01/25/13: Identified an orange block
01/28/13: Said Caillou, we figured out "heah" means phone 
01/31/13: Said sit here and patted the ground
02/01/13: Said "eeen up" for clean up, said "bro-wee" for broccoli
02/02/13: Started pretend snoring
02/09/13: Said "Bi-ul" for Bible
02/10/13: Didn't cry when we dropped you off at Bible class
02/17/13: Said tattoo
02/18/13: Said puppy 

Momma and daddy love you to the moon and all the way back! 

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