Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Around the Nest: Clean Up Clean Up Everybody Everywhere

Now that I have that song stuck in your head hopefully it will get out of mine! :)  We have been doing some serious spring winter cleaning around our house this past week and it makes me all warm and fuzzy!  I love to organize things and get them all nice and neat. Blame it on the pregnancy, my OCD, or my type A personality, whatever you want!  
This all started because I could not figure out how I wanted to organize the kids clothes. Silly right?  Most people would say, "put them in their closet."  Well it's not that simple because we room share.  Everett has been sharing the large closet in our room with me and while that has been working for just him, it wouldn't be big enough for two kids. As things were, his dresser (which was only three drawers) was in his closet and his shirts were hanging on the bar above the dresser.  I figured that if I moved him to one of the other closets in our room I could fit his clothes and the baby's clothes in together.  I had my mom look for a larger dresser that could house two children's clothes.  She luckily found a very nice one which fit (like a glove) into a different closet in our room.  
So once I got all of Everett's clothes into the new dresser and the new closet I needed something to do with the old dresser.  I decided that three drawers in a dresser are better than two shelves on a changing table so I took out the changing table and am now using the dresser as a changing table.  The pad fits almost perfectly on top of the dresser and the drawers provide plenty of space for his cloth diapers and other diapering accessories. Winning! 
Are you following? Here's a breakdown... 

So after all was said and done I ended up with a bigger closet, the boys have more space, the changing table has more space, and everything was organized! Winning! 
I also moved all of my jackets, dresses, and sweatshirts into the "new" section of my closet so that everything was more spread out and this freed up more space in the closet in the foyer (aka coat closet.)  I did leave my heavy "outter" coats in the coat closet but brought all of the ones that could be used in an outfit into my new closet.  Additionally, I went through all of the junk that had been piling up in the coat closet and organized that as well. 
So that was the beginning of our winter cleaning... I still have plans for my "office" area (which is located in our kitchen) as well as the laundry room/pantry.  Have any of you been up to winter cleanning?

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