Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Daily Happenings: 06/04/13

Yesterday was a busy day! Everett started the day out with RaeRae and PigPaw at Riverside Dinner Theater to see their children's production of Pinkalicious the Musical. My brother is in the show and Everett was really excited to get to see Uncle Jon on the stage!  I have been told that Everett LOVED the show and sat through the entire thing! He has been dancing since he got home from the play! Since Nolan and I weren't invited to their play date we decided to have a Starbucks date with Stephanie. It was nice to get together and have a conversation with someone my age! :)  

After Everett got home, I loaded the kiddos up into the car and headed out to the pediatrician's office.  Everett had his two year well check and Nolan had a two week weight check.  I am happy to report that Everett now gets to stand up on the big boy scale to be weighed and gets to stand up against the wall to be measured!  He weighed in at 26lbs which is the 50th percentile and measured 32" tall which is also the 50th percentile! What a big boy he is getting to be!  

Speaking of big boys, Mr. Nolan has been doing some major growing since we last visited the pediatrician.  On May 23rd (12 days ago) Nolan weighed 7lbs and 7oz and yesterday he weighed in at...... 8lbs and 14oz!  The pediatrician could not believe it! He kept flipping back and forth between the chart and said "wow" about five times! Way to go Nolan! While we were there, I also talked to him about some of the concerns I have been having about the stomach pain Nolan has been having.  He seems to have severe pain just before he goes to the bathroom or passes gas and his stomach gets very tight.  He also has very wet burps, frequent hiccups, and can't be laid flat on his back or he will most definitely throw up. The pediatrician said that could very well have silent reflux and  suggested that I continue to cut out dairy and to continue to watch his symptoms.  Nolan's next appointment is when he is one month old so we are planning on discussing possible treatment then.  It seems like it is getting worse already so we might be calling the doctors office sooner than that.  

After the doctors office we came home for naps and then headed back out to meet up with Tyler and the rest of my family for dinner at our favorite place in Stafford, El Gran Charro! This was my first time to eat out at a Mexican place since going dairy free and it wasn't too bad! I must say that I do miss cheese! 

It was a fun day all around! What have you been up to? 

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  1. I liked our date too! Way to go Nolan, Everett and of course you Momma! You're doing a fantabulous job!