Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Tyler has been dreaming of the day where he could hang out and enjoy a cigar with friends and family in our backyard by the fire.  Well, when that man has a dream he gets to work and makes it happen!  I am so proud of him and his drive and determination to make our home everything that we want it to be! 

In order to make the fire pit, he figured out how many stones we needed (36) and dug the soil down to make it level.  Then he laid the stones in the circle shape and then poured in river rocks.  That's it!  Pretty awesome and affordable backyard project! 
There it is! 
Tyler, Everett, and Tokio hanging out and having a cigar!
Grandmother enjoying a s'more and Everett exploring!
RaeRae, Grandma Dallas, and Everett! 
That's my boy! 
Yup, the belly had reached "table top" status by this point! 

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