Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Letters to Everett: 10/22/13

Dear Everett,

Life seems to be flying by these days.  You are growing more and more independent and are becoming such a much more like a kid and less like a toddler.  You are speaking in full sentences (sometimes paragraphs) and are able to articulate what you want with little to no frustration.  If we are unable to understand what you are saying you are able to come up with an alternate way of describing something. 

This past month we visited Sneads Asparagus Farm to check out the pumpkin patch and took our annual trip with Uncle Aaron, Aunt Krystal, and Colt to the Apple Harvest Festival at Graves Mountain.  You had a lot of fun playing with Colt and your friend Kristian who met us up there too! There was a corn maze, a bouncy house, and a few other activities but you guys had more fun just running around together than anything else. You love to run and play and you are really into exploring and testing out boundaries. 
One thing you started doing this month that I particularly like is telling us you love us without being prompted or asked.  You will just walk over to me and say “Mommy, I love you.”  Ahhh it melts my heart.  You are such a sweet boy and you really love to be with mommy and daddy- you especially love for us to hold you. One thing that you don’t like is us kissing on you! You “wipe kisses off” when we give them to you- but don’t worry, I sneak more in when you’re not paying attention. 
Another fun milestone you hit this month was standing up to go potty, you tell us “I do it all myself.”  (Don’t hate me when you’re 14 and reading this!)  You are consistently telling us when you need to go potty and you make it to the potty almost 100% of the time.  When you go potty you get “kenny” (candy) and I think that is your favorite part.  I tried to stop giving you candy as a reward but you decided to rebel and not use the potty when I did that!  We have transitioned from Hershey’s kisses each time to small tootsie rolls or Nerds. I am hoping that you’re not still getting candy each time you go potty by the time you are 28!

I love you so much little big boy! 

Momma and daddy love you to the moon and all the way back! 


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