Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Instacram: December 2013

I love being able to share my photos so easily with Instagram! Check out what I was up to this past month! Are you following me yet? 
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Top Row:  1.) Jedi in his happy place,  2.) Sweet Everett crashed out at Rae Rae and PigPaw's house,  3.) Cuddlebug 4.)  "Pants are Overrated!"  5.) Nolan napping in my arms
Middle Row:  1.) Our little guitar player,  2.) The train table that we made for the boys for Christmas,  3.) Nolan sleeping in the wrap,  4.) An attempt to get Christmas jammie pictures, 5.) Santa's Little Helper
Bottom Row:  1.) Video,  2.) Tyler, Nolan, and I at my work Christmas dinner, 3.) Throwback Thursday engagement photo of Tyler and I from 2006,  4.) Playing in traffic on 95 South,  5.)  Bath time! 
Top Row:  1.) Nolan hanging out in the wrap,  2.) The thinking man baby,  3.) My outdoor explorer 4-5.)  Got all dolled up for Tyler's work Christmas party 
Middle Row:  1.) Nolan has been spending a lot of time being worn lately ,  2.) E decided that Aunt Becca needed some company during her nap,  3.) Creepy sign at work,  4.) Merry Christmas, 5.) Nolan and Joey
Bottom Row:  1.) Joey a German Shepherd/Bassethound mix,  2.) Everett, Nolan, and I, 3.) Goodnight Nolan,  4.) Everything always goes right in his mouth,  5.)  Enjoying the "spring" day in December!
Top Row:  1-3.) I love this baby!,  4.) The island of misfit toys ornaments, 5.) Good to the last drop!
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Thanks to Jess for the original inspiration for this post! 

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