Wednesday, January 1, 2014

FBP: Resolved!

Last year I set out to drink more water. I wanted to set a simple goal, one that was not going to be too hard to achieve. I even broke it out into smaller goals so that I could track my progress and be able to set myself up for success. I knew that the larget amounts of soda that I was consuming was not only bad for my health but also was helping me pack on the pregnancy pounds. 

So here we are, oneyear later and I can confidently say (oh all right, I reluctantly admit) that I have not drank my daily allotment of water in days weeks months. Why not?  Well firstly I don't like how water "tastes" or that it has a lack of taste, which is a pretty crappy reason but it's true.  When I drink water, I have to have a cup full of ice and preferably a straw.  Anyways, I  wish that I had stayed on track with it but looking toward the positive, I did cut down my soda drinking to almost zero and that I am very proud of.

I wonder if I want to set these goals because I think that I "have" to, because everyone else is setting them. I like to set goals but it seems like using the whole year as a guideline is a little too far out of sight. It is so easy to keep pushing things to another day, and then next week, and then here we are again one year from today saying how we wish we had kept up with all of the goals we set for ourselves.

So what if, instead of setting a resolution for the whole year we made monthly goals? Not the same goal each month but actual goals that can be achieved within that month... I'm going to try it, and I hope you will too!

Here are my 2014 goals:
  • January: Take time once a week to spend an hour with just Everett doing whatever he wants to do
    • He likes to play at the park, watch the trains, play playdough so I am sure that we will explore some of those options
  • February: Go on a date with Tyler, without the kids!
  • March: Read a book.
  • April: Get a massage
  • May: Go jogging twice a week
    • Notice I didn't list this one until I knew the weather would be nice! :) 
  • June: Reconnect with an old friend
  • July: Create Nolan's one year baby book
    • I created a shutterfly book with photos from Everett's first year along with his milestones and want to do one for Nolan as well! 
  • August: Declutter the house
  • September: Cut ties with people who hold me back
  • October: Try out a new hobby.
    • I have always wanted to learn how to knit 
  • November: Get our holiday letter completed
    • This past year I didn't get it out until a few days before Christmas!
  • December: Have the Christmas shopping done and wrapped by the 15th!
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