Friday, March 29, 2013

Nap Time Craft Time: Baby Supply Kit

Whenever I have a friend who is expecting a baby I want to give her something that I know will come in handy once her little one arrives.  These are items that I found were "must haves" for me when Everett was a newborn and I think are things that all new mothers can use.  You can easily pick most of these items up at your local drug, grocery, or super store and throw them into a nice basket while the kiddos are sleeping- voila, Nap Time Craft Time! :) 

Just a side note, I asked Tyler what some "must haves" he thought should be added to the list and he said coffee... yes, that is a nice one to have on hand too! 

What you'll need
A&D Ointment- I love this stuff! It is really easy to apply so slather it on and prevent those diaper rashes!  It's also great for dry skin and for tattoos! :)  (If you or the person you are purchasing this for uses cloth diapers you don't want to get this as it is not good for cloth diapers!)
Baby Q Tips- Pretty self explanatory.  The baby ones are a must because they prevent you from accidentally sticking it too far into their ears.
Cuticle Scissors-  Those baby nail clippers may be cute as can be but they do not work on the thin baby fingernails.  I picked up a pair of these cuticle scissors on a whim after Everett used them for at least his whole first year.
Disinfecting Wipes- These are so handy to have especially when you are on the go.  You can wipe down shopping carts, public changing tables, highchairs, tables at restaurants, etc.  
Gas Drops- Poor Mr. Everett has encountered many problems with gas and these have been a lifesaver.  He actually liked how they tasted so it was not a hard task to get him to take it!
Hand Sanitizer- This is a nice thing to have around just in case there isn't a sink available and you need to get your hands clean. 
Lanolin- This may be “awkward” to give to someone but they will come in handy!  Breastfeeding sucks (no pun intended) at first and this will definitely help to ease the pain.  Breastfeeding should be a great bonding experience and it is hard to do that when you're in pain!
Nose Frida- Gross in concept but it works wonders.  This snot sucker works so much better than the traditional bulb suckers that you get in the hospital. 

Rectal Thermometer- While this doesn't sound too pleasant it is the best way to get an accurate temperature on your infant.  The kind we have (pictured) is shorter in length and it reads the temperature in only a few seconds.
Saline Spray- Everett had some congestion and the pediatrician instructed me to use saline spray.  It helps to break up the mucous and lets him breathe much easier.
Vaseline- This comes in handy for mother of little boy's who are circumcised because it helps the circumcision heal.  (Ouch!)

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