Thursday, March 14, 2013

Come One, Come All!

Hanging up posters!
A few friends and I had a multi-family garage sale this past weekend and it was a great success! This was the first time I have hosted and even participated in a garage sale so I was a little nervous about how it was going to go.  I did a little research about what I needed to do in order to make sure that people showed up and actually bought the stuff I was selling.  Young House Love has a great post about hosting a yard sale, here.  The biggest thing is to advertise your sale.  I posted an advertisement in the local newspaper, Craigslist, and on facebook.  Additionally, Tiphany and I hung up signs and balloons around the area the day of the garage sale. 

The main goal, for me was to get the items out of the house and any money that I made would definitely be a bonus.  Since Flubber is going to be here sooner than later I really have started cleaning out all of our nooks and crannies in order to de-clutter and make more room for any new stuff that may be making its way into our house.  
The front of the drive way
We tried to place our items up on tables so that when people were browsing they didn't have to get down on the ground to check anything out.  I did place some toys and things on a sheet on the ground so that it any kiddos that came by would be able to see them.  We also placed all the larger and bulkier items together up toward the front of the drive way so that they could be seen from the road.  
Sonja's "station" on the side of the driveway
We also made sure to let people know that we were willing to negotiate the prices of our items.  Overall it was a successful garage sale!  We had a great turnout (people started showing up before we were even set up) and sold a lot of our items! :) 

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