Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Instacram: February 2013

Apparently I was busy this month on Instagram! I love being able to capture and share pictures of Everett and what we have been up to every day. 
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Top Row: 1.) Everett and Pig Paw,  2.) My seedlings are starting to sprout,  3- 4.) My little cutie pie,  5.) Everett enjoying Sweet Frog 
Middle Row: 1.) Everett's Sweet Frog concoction,  2.) Daddy's outfit selection for Everett,  3-4.) Everett at the playground,  5.) Everett and Lilly hugging
Bottom Row: 1.) Everett helping me make pancakes,  2.) Photo of the belly,  3.) Sleepy boy,  4-5.) Photos from Tyler and I's honeymoon in Aruba
Top Row: 1.) Mowgli recovering from his surgery,  2.) Everett and Aunt Rebecca watching videos,  3.) Everett making a funny face,  4.) Everett loves shoes,  5.) My handsome hubby
Middle Row: 1.) Mowgli Bear,  2.) Belly belly belly,  3.) Toddler dinner,  4.) Paleo burgers,  5.) Everett playing on the playground
Bottom Row: 1- 2.) Playing at the playground,  3.) A self portrait,  4.) Sleeping angel,  5.) Everett at grandmas house
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Thanks to Jess for the original inspiration for this post! 

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