Friday, March 8, 2013

Ways He Loves Me: March 2013

I wanted to compile a list of the ways that Everett shows me he loves me for those times when he is driving me crazy being a little more needy than usual.  I also want to be able to look back and remember these moments. 

I am hoping to continue to add to this throughout the years and see how the ways that he shows me he loves me has evolved. 
  • He snuggles with me when he wakes up in the morning 
  • He laughs when I "smell" his feet and say "pee-yew"
  • He wants me to hold him when he is sad
  • He blows me kisses
  • He gives me kisses
  • He doesn't let me leave his sight (even for a minute)
  • He gets excited when he sees me
  • He runs to give me hugs
  • He laughs when I am being silly
  • He wants me to "sit here" and play with him 
  • He wants to share everything with me 

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