Monday, August 5, 2013

Checking out the Farm

This summer I am trying to get out in the community and check out all of the fun things that Fredericksburg has to offer.  As part of this "quest" I have started a play group and we each take turns picking the location.  One of our most favorite places that we have found is Braehead Farms off of Tyler Street.  The farm just opened to the public this year and they have some really fun things for the kids to do there.  

The "barn lot" as they call it has tire swings, sand piles with trucks, slides, pedal tractors, and lots of fun animals to see and even some to pet.  We had a group of eight adults and nine kiddos at the farm and the kids loved running around and playing with each other.  

There is an admission to the barn lot ($5 for 3 years and up) but I think it is well worth it. We could have stayed and played out there all day.  They have picnic tables as well so next time we will definitely pack a lunch and make a day out of it! Check out the pictures I took while we were there!

The kids loved the sand pit, not sure how much the mommy's liked it! 
A cute little chicken

Running through the fields!
Everett and Kristian, little best buddies!
Running to see the pigs!
Checking out the pig shaped bench!
One of the pigs! 
Checking out the chickens....
Kristian was the "chicken whisperer," they loved him! 
"Look at the goat Everett!"
Micah, Kristian, and Everett checking out the goat
Just a boy on the farm! 
To read more about the farm opening click here! Be sure to like the farm on Facebook here

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