Friday, August 30, 2013

Nap Time Craft Time: I Heart My State

When Everett was a wee little lad (and a wee little lad was he) and I had time to sew and make all sorts of crafty things, I had time to make him a few "I <3 My State" onesies (found here).  Ahhhh the days where he would sleep and sleep, those days are long gone!
Everett (2 months old) rocking the I <3 Virginia onesie
Anyways, they turned out so cute and I have been thinking about making a few t-shirts for him to wear this summer.  How adorable would it be for Everett and his little brother to have matching outfits?!  You can catch a glimpse of Nolan wearing his "I <3 California" onesie in the June and July Instacram posts! 

Here's what you'll need
  • Freezer paper (NOT wax paper)
  • Puffy paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Scissors or exacto knife
  • Pre-washed onesie or t-shirt
  • Sharpie
  • Iron
  • Print out(s) of the state(s) you want to create
    • Make sure that they are proportional to the size of onesie/t-shirt
Here's what you'll do :
Trace your state on to the paper side of the freezer paper and cut out the image. 
Now place the freezer paper shiny side down onto your fabric.  You will now press the freezer paper onto your fabric holding down for about 5 seconds in each spot.  Make sure that all of the edges are adhered to the fabric (this is important!)
Time to paint! You might want to put some newspaper or cardboard in between the layers of fabric so that the paint doesn't seep through. I started around the edges and worked my way in with the paint. Make sure to add a heart to the city you love most! 
Now sit and wait! Don't peel off the freezer paper until the paint has dried! 
Finally, once the paint has dried peel back the freezer paper and check out your perfectly painted state! Now, heat set the paint by placing a towel over the paint and running the iron over it for a few seconds!
 So that's it! Think you'll take a hand at trying it?  Let me know if you do! :)