Friday, August 9, 2013

Instacram: July 2013

I love being able to share my photos so easily with Instagram! Check out what I've been up to this month! 
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Top Row:  1.) Best friends,  2.) Nolan checking out the world,  3.) A series of photos taken by E,  4.) E playing with daddy,  5.)  Exploring the rocks
Middle Row:  1.) Sticking his tounge out,  2.) I see you!,  3-5.) Photos from the National's game that we all went to
Bottom Row:  1.) God bless Texas!,  2.) Everett stuffing in some pizza, 3.) Pretty kitty,  4.)  The boys at the farm,  5.) Nolan and Grandmother (Ya Ya) out on a walk

Top Row:  1.) A pretty butterfly in my parents front yard,  2.) Tyler and Nolan laying around,  3.) Senic Round Hill VA,  4.) Always sleepy,  5.)  Marley and Everett at the Bug Box
Middle Row:  1.) My little chub chub,  2.) The boys passed out in bed,  3.) One of Meme's fox visitors on her back porch,  4.) Everett (in the highchair) and Tyler both playing on their phones, 5.)  Back of camera view of a family photo my dad took of us
Bottom Row:  1.) Back of camera view of a photo I took of E,  2.) Modest mister, 3.) E's first push pop,  4.)  Nolan's eye color is changing,  5.) Everett loves his little bro

Top Row:  1.) Everett's first cone at Carl's Ice Cream (he ususally gets a shake)  2.) A morning photo shoot,  3.) Rosie the Riveter left her mark on my sock,  4- 5.)  Shots of me getting my latest tattoos
Middle Row:  1.) Sleepy Nolan,  2.) Nolan and his paci,  3.) Side by side of my dad and Everett wearing glasses,  4- 5.)  Everett and his new favorite obsession- glasses!
Bottom Row:  1.) Cute puppy celebrating Independence Day,  2.) Where's my parade?, 3.) Greensboro NC fire truck,  5.) Put em up! 

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Thanks to Jess for the original inspiration for this post! 

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