Monday, August 19, 2013

Letters to Nolan: 8/18/13

Dear Mr. Nolan,

What an exciting and eventful month we have had!  You are becoming more and more alert every day.  You have such a happy and fun personality.  You still love to look at the ceiling fans and start chatting away when anyone looks at you. You really like to talk and I haven't the slightest idea who you get that from. :)  
Your photo was in the newspaper this month! 
You are settling into a routine and seem to be doing really well with it.  I don't have to work very hard to get you to take a nap, you just sleep when you are tired!  You are still napping three to five times a day, some of the naps are only about 30 minutes long while others are an hour or more long. 
Your favorite way to nap, I call you my little "green bean!"
You are still nursing every two hours or so throughout the day and will sleep for anywhere from four to six hours at night.  You are still taking a paci and sometimes when we give it to you, you drift right off to sleep.   
Hanging out with brother! 
We have been doing tummy time a lot more frequently now and you are starting to tolerate it more these days.  You really like to kick your feet, I think that you want to run before you even crawl.  You don't have a lot of arm strength yet but we are working on it! 
You have a wide range of emotions!
You are growing a lot faster than your brother did at your age!  At your two month well check you weighed just under 13 lbs and about a week ago you already weighed 14 lbs and 9 oz! I love all of your rolls!  You are such a cute and handsome little dude! 
Sitting in the bumbo like a big boy!

Here's what you've been up to this past month: 

07/22/13: First trip to Chatham
07/25/13: First time to nap in the crib
07/26/13: Grew out of 0-3 month clothes (into 3-6 month clothes)
07/27/13: First MLB game (Nationals vs Mets)
07/31/13: Weighed 14lbs, diagnosed with pink eye, found paci by yourself, started wearing size 3 diapers
08/02/13: Slept for a stretch of seven and a half hours
08/04/13: Slept for a stretch of nine and a half hours
08/05/13: Started blowing bubbles
08/06/13: Got your photo in the newspaper at the Big Latch On
08/08/13: First time riding on mommas back in a wrap
08/09/13: Weighed 14lbs 9oz, started wearing amber necklace

Momma and daddy love you to the moon and all the way back! 

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