Wednesday, August 21, 2013

FBP: Potty Talk

No pictures while I'm on the potty!
A little while ago, I mentioned in this post  that we had started potty training/learning with Everett and I am proud to say that he has been day-time cloth diaper free since then!  Sure, there is an occasional accident but for the most part he is a "big boy potty" user full time these days.  

Everett had been telling us when he needed to go potty for a few months prior to Nolan being born but I had continued to hold off on training him. Because we had previously fiddled around with Elimination Communication, Everett was already familiar with sitting on the potty and knew what the potty was used for.  I was still a bit worried that if we potty trained him before the baby was born that he would revert as soon as Nolan made his entrance.  

Once Nolan was here and Everett continued to show interest in going to the potty Tyler and I decided to go for it.  So, how did we do it?  Bribery my friends, pure bribery. 

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