Sunday, July 14, 2013

Instacram: June 2013

I love being able to share my photos so easily with Instagram! Check out what I've been up to this month! 
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Top Row:  1.) Nighty night Nolan,  2.) My first Instagram video,  3.) Hanging out with Aunt Stacey,  4.) Family date in downtown FredVegas,  5.)  So sweet
Middle Row:  1- 3.) "Throw back Thursday" photos,  4- 5.)  Everett and his friend Emmalyn
Bottom Row:  1.) The boys sleeping in their car seats,  2.) Wearing daddy's boots,  3- 4.) Cloth diapers out on the line,  5.) E and Nolan at the same age in the same outfit

Top Row:  1.) Nolan sucking on his thumb,  2.) Sleeping boys,  3.) A birds nest at my parents house,  4.) Mr. Nolan,  5.)  He loves to be naked
Middle Row:  1.) Taking a paci and flipping the bird,  2.)  Sibling jealousy already?,  3- 5.) Love this little dude 
Bottom Row:  1.) Calllliiiifforrnia!,  2.)  So sleepy,  3- 5.) Playing at Lake Anna

Top Row:  1.) Tyler and Nolan napping,  2.) Holding the littlest Thompson at Lake Anna,  3.) Checking out the world,  4- 5.) Twinsies
Middle Row:  1.) Undies,  2.)  Looking out the window,  3.)  He loves his hat,  4.) This is how they sleep!,   5.)  Not ready to be in the swing yet but he loves to push it
Bottom Row:  1.) Sleeping prince,  2.) E riding in the car with Garfield,  3- 5.) Playing with my new photo editing app
Top Row:  1.) My little Long Horn,  2.) Nolan in the ring sling,  3.) Apparently E did not want to be on the potty,  4.) A comparison of E as a baby and Nolan at the same age,  5.)  Everett loves to "hold baby"
Middle Row:  1.) Everett and Tyler in Uncle Scott's pool,  2.)  Getting a bath,  3.)  My boys and I,  4.) Colt and Everett in the tub,   5.)  Sleepy boy 
Bottom Row:  1.) Daddy and E jammin' on the couch,  2- 5.) May Instacram pics

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Thanks to Jess for the original inspiration for this post! 

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