Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Independence Day

I hope that everyone had a fun and enjoyable time celebrating our nations independence this 4th of July!  Tyler, Everett, Nolan, and I headed down to Greensboro, North Carolina to visit his mom and her family.  It was an interesting car ride to say the least (more on that later) but we made it down to her house in one piece and enjoyed some quality time with our family.  

We headed to downtown Greensboro for the Fun Fourth Festival! There were amusement rides, concerts, and street exhibits to check out.  Everett and Riley (Tyler's sister) even got to ride on a "choo choo!"  Check out some of the photos from the day! 
A view of the rides.

The crew hanging out in the shade!
Aunt Riley and Everett on the choo choo! 
Daddy racing the choo choo!
It's not a Fun Fourth Festival until the guy in the star spangled top hat plays the accordion!
LOVE the tie dye! 
The fire truck was a BIG hit!
Riley, Everett, and Tyler in the fire truck!

Checking out one of the bands! 
Everett got to meet a real police officer!
We stopped in at The Green Bean to grab some delicious iced coffee! 
While we were there, Everett decided to do some light reading with a new friend!
Even this little (soon to be huge) guy was celebrating! 

When we got back to the house we had a little fireworks show of our own! We had a "blast" hanging out but after one particularly loud firework (see the video below) Everett was over it. 
Our awesome little guy!

I think Tony had fun setting off the fireworks!

What were you up to this Independence Day?  Did you celebrate with family and friends?  

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  1. Still laughing at that video! I am so glad you guys got to come down!