Thursday, July 18, 2013

Letters to Nolan: 7/18/13


You are two months old already and you are growing like crazy! It is amazing how much you have changed since last month.  You are doing so much more and are staying awake a lot longer.  You are very alert and like to take in your surroundings.  
When you are awake you coo and goo and you love when people talk to you.  You love to smile and even smile in your sleep a lot! :)  This month you rolled over from your stomach to your back and your doctor was so proud of you!  (I am a little sad because it means you're growing up!!) 
I let you set your own schedule and that is really working out great for us. Right now, you are taking three to four naps during the day that range from one to two hours.  At night you are sleeping for a five to six hour stretch and Momma really likes that! You start out in the rock-and-play at night but when you wake up you come into the bed with momma, daddy, and Everett! 
Oh boy do you love to be naked! I think that if I let you be naked all the time you would be one happy boy!  You got in the little pool with Everett, PigPaw, and Aunt Marley yesterday and you loved it! It was so fun to see your reaction to the water and how you tried to kick off the bottom.  I think that next summer you are going to be swimming like a little fish! 
You are such a laid back and happy baby, I love you so much and I am so happy that you are part of our family! 

Here's what you've been up to this month

06/19/13:  One month well check- 10lbs 12oz (75th percentile), first time to Lake Anna

06/22/13: Started cooing
06/23/13: Started wearing size 2 diapers
06/24/13: Found your thumb and started trying to suck on it, first shower (with mommy)
06/28/13: First five hour stretch of sleep
07/04/13- 07/06/13: First out of town trip (Greensboro, NC), first trip to GaGa's house
07/09/13: First time to see a play (Pinkalicious)
07/14/13: First six hour stretch of sleep
07/15/13: First time you rolled from your stomach to your back
07/17/13: First time in the pool
07/18/13: Two month well check- 12lbs 15.5oz (75th percentile), 23.5" long (75th percentile)

Momma and daddy love you to the moon and all the way back! 

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