Friday, September 20, 2013

Instacram: August 2013

I love being able to share my photos so easily with Instagram! Check out what I've been up to this month! 
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Top Row:  1.) Snug as a bug 2.) Nolan blowing bubbles,  3.) Daddy and Everett fishing,  4-5.) Nolan and I got all snazzy for Brittany and Kenny's wedding
Bottom Row:  1.) Brittany and Kenny's wedding,  2.) Everett cheesing it at the doctors office, 3.) Big boy in the stroller,  4.)Nolan cheesing it at the doctors office,  5.) Sweet shades 
Top Row:  1.) Throwback Thursday: The dad crew 2.) Pig Paw and Everett,  3.) Playing quietly at the train table,  4.)  View from the barn  5.) Is anyone home?  
Bottom Row:  1.) Climbing up the ladder,  2.) Video: Hello animals!, 3.) Video: Ahhhh echo!,  4-5.) Lazy afternoon 
Top Row:  1.) Uncle Scott playing with Everett at the pool  2.) Fresh picked blackberries,  3.) Making laundry soap,  4.)  Snickerdoodle anyone?  5.) Rest in Peace "Mo-Mo
Middle Row:  1.) "If I could only reach this...",  2.) Old town Fredericksburg,  3.) More baby wearing,  4.) Video: angry morning  5.)  Love that bed head
Bottom Row:  1.) Video: Happy morning,  2.) Backyard butterfly, 3- 4.) Love this face,  5.) Peek a boo Everett
Top Row:  1.) Everett playing around at a farm  2.) Sleepy Nolan,  3.) He is becoming more and more obsessed with trains,  4.)  A photo grid of Tyler, me, Everett, and Nolan  5.) An unwelcome visitor in our yard
Middle Row:  1.) The many faces of Nolan,  2.) Baby wearing,  3.) Say cheese,  4.) Backyard bliss 5.)  Sweet boy
Bottom Row:  1.) Brothers,  2.) "Time in" for Everett, 3.) Sleeping brothers,  4.) My happy boys,  5.)  Everett playing on his swing set!  

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Thanks to Jess for the original inspiration for this post! 

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