Saturday, September 28, 2013

When It Was Just Everett and I...

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I have survived the first few months of having two kids and it is really drastically different from how I thought it would be.  

When it was just Everett and I... 

I didn't have to worry about how much time I spent with him and whether or not I was spending enough time with him. He was my whole world and I have been so lucky to have spent almost every moment over the last two years with him. 
Now there is a whole new little dude in our lives and there is the little added stress of making sure that I am spending enough time with both boys. I want to give Nolan the same amount of attention that I gave to Everett when he was an infant but I have learned that it just isn't possible.  I did realize that the quality of the time I spend with the boys is what counts.  
When it was just Everett and I... 

I would always hold him or nap with him which was so lovely.  I could catch up on tv while he was napping in my arms or we would cuddle and nap peacefully together. 
Now, very (very) occasionally I am able to catch a nap with Nolan or hold him while he sleeps but usually I lay him down in the rock and play or in the co-sleeper so that I can spend time playing with Everett.  When If Everett naps, I use the time that he is sleeping to connect with Nolan and give him some personal attention with out his brother.
When it was just Everett and I... 

I wore him from time to time but not really out of necessity. It was really nice to be able to just have him with me all the time and wearing him was fun and I liked the ability to be "hands free."
Now I get more use out of my ergo then I ever did when Everett was the only child.  Since Nolan is big enough I can wear him in it and often do wear him throughout the day so that I can have him close and be attentive to Everett.  I can also wear Everett when he wants to be held but chores need to be done. 

There have definitely been some adaptations to our old routine but life with two kids is the "new normal" for our family and I am so happy.  I love having these two boys that will grow up together and (hopefully) be the best of friends like my siblings and I.  God has truly blessed Tyler and I. 

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