Saturday, September 7, 2013

Nice Spec's Dude!

Sometimes I can't help but beam with joy over the things Everett does. This kid seriously makes me so happy and I just love him!  When we were visiting Tyler's mom for Independence Day this summer, Everett found a pair of his Aunt Riley's glasses and would not take them off.  They aren't prescription glasses or anything, just a cute accessory pair of glasses.  

Check out some of the photos from the weekend! 
Munching on some watermelon in his sweet specs! 
Don't mess with this guy, he means business!  
Apparently actually looking at the camera is over rated... 
There he is!
Yup, my little nose picker! 
What a ham! He wore those things so much that we decided to get him his own pair to take home with us. He of course promptly lost them but has found another pair already!  

What is so crazy is that I can't help but wonder where this glasses obsession comes from... hmmm?

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