Monday, September 30, 2013

A Fresh Start

Today is the first Monday of a brand new week and with this new week comes a fresh start. I am deciding to make better choices for myself and for my family and I am starting right here right now

I am striving to create a daily routine so that Everett knows what to expect every day/week which I am hoping will help to make our life more balanced.  I feel like our day-to-day lives have been jam packed with randomness and I am ready for a more laid back and relaxed approach to our day.  

Another area where I am really trying to make vast improvements is our food.  The diet sodas are out (I know, it's a nasty habit) and healthy food is making its way back in.  I am planning on making Mondays our "grocery day" and I am using a new way to plan our meals this week.  I am really excited about this because every evening I will be making a fresh, healthy, and hopefully delicious meal for my family and every meal this week will be recipes that I have never tried before. 

My social life is getting a face life too.  I am definitely a "yes man" and I feel like I always have to say "yes" or be accommodating to any all circumstances that come my way.  I end up being stressed out, let down, frustrated, and overall very grumpy and that is really taking a toll on my emotional well being.  I have finally come to a place where I have realized that I don't have to become friends with every mom who I happen to have a few things in common with or stay friends with people from my past.  I have a few really great best friends who love and support me and that is such a blessing.   

And last but not least I am really trying hard to work on being able to let go of the "small stuff." It drives me nuts that the clean clothes have been sitting in the laundry basket for a few hours days but instead of brushing Everett off so that I can  fold them, I am taking the time to play and interact with him.  Rather than trying to dictate how many buckets of toys Everett gets out, I am working on allowing him to decide and then helping him pick them up when it's time to go.  Now is not the time to worry about a clean house- now is the time to enjoy my kids! 

I love a fresh start- I feel like I am really coming into a new chapter in life and I love it.  How about y'all?  Have you started fresh recently? 

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  1. I was just updating my recipe list on my blog and adding a bunch of recipes I've saved on my Feedly. I ran across this one that I think could be useful for your food goal. 5 meals in 35 minutes with ingredient list and even how to cook it so that all 5 meals are ready in 35 minutes! I think we're going to try this next week!