Sunday, February 16, 2014

I Love My Life by Jim Arnold

A few weeks ago one a friend of Tyler and I posted this (below) on his facebook page.  Jim (or Jimbo as we call him) is one of the most happy people that I know.  He is down to earth, funny (intentional or not), and is almost always positive.  After reading what he wrote I knew I had to share it here for all of you to read! I hope it inspires you as much as it has inspired me! 


I love my life.

Image courtesy of kangshutters
I can’t explain it, I just do. And with that said, I’m not writing this for me, I’m writing this for you. I’m writing it in hopes that if I can shed some light on it, the explanation will be bright enough for two. Or three. Or four. Or more. So here goes:

I love that first real moment in the morning, somewhere between your bed and your bathroom, where you realize the day has only just begun. Still foggy from sleep, a mirror full of steam, but it can clearly be seen how though today is just one of many that you’ve already lived, that it’s special. Whether the weather is dark, the path ahead is rough, or your feet are tired, you’re still here. You still have time.

I love smiling, to anyone and everyone, for no reason at all. It’s the simplest form of love you can give, and it spreads like wildfire. I love songs that make your heartbeat race, that remind you of old days, where things were simpler yet far more emotional, and send a rush of blood to your face. I love warm spring days with love in the air, and crisp falls days in sweat pants without a care, and any day with the sun is out and literally brightens your day. I love that moment you learn something new, and you feel just like a kid again, because even as you get old and used to the things you know, there will always be something you don’t. And that’s exciting. I love that burn in your chest or the soreness in your legs because you pushed yourself just a little too hard. That moment when “just keep going” turns into “sh*t, I've gone too far”. And you it makes you pay, but even in pain, you know that strength of heart makes you who you are. And that hurt reminds you it’s not forever.

I am not you, you are not me, and our emotional makeup will never be the same. There will be days of anger, days of smiles, and days where the tears fall like rain. But as long as you are breathing, smile and enjoy it. It’s life. There is no telling when the clock will run out, the last bell will ring, and the game will end, or even how game will go. But you’re always in charge of how you’ll play the game. Make the choice to play with passion. Play it with a smile on your face and a burn in your lungs.

Make the choice to love your life.

- Jim Arnold

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