Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lessons from the Mount: First Week Recap

If you have been reading the Sermon on the Mount with me this past week you will have read it a total of 21 times so far! Kudos to the commitment that those of you who are following along with me have made! I pray that you will continue to read along with me and that God will work in your life through these three chapters!

So far I have noticed a couple of things that I wanted to share. The first is that there are so so so many songs based on the words from these chapters. The lessons that Jesus gives us here are very important and are easily sewn into the lyrics of many old and new Christian songs. I love that whenever I am listening to the radio or at church I can hear a line in a song and pin point where it came from.

The second thing that I have noticed while reading through these chapters is how "simple" these principles are to follow yet how hard we are seem to make them out to be.

What have you found while reading the Sermon on the Mount? If you haven't committed to reading with me, what's stopping you?  Join in and share your thoughts! 

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