Friday, July 20, 2012

Currently: 7/20/12

Reading: Matthew 5, 6, and 7 (also known as The Sermon on the Mount) three times daily.  This is really helping me to get back into daily Bible reading and aiding me in understanding more about the love that God has for all of us. I plan on reading it 3x a day for a month. Read my first week recap here.

Thinking About: New and exciting things that may be in Tyler, Everett, and I's future. There is nothing set in stone as of yet so there is nothing to share (sorry)!  If you think about saying a prayer for our little family and any changes that may or may not be coming in the near (to distant) future, we would appreciate it!

Loving: This new stage Everett is in! He is such a little explorer baby and wants to check out everything. This is of course the most frustrating of stages because it seems he can get into everything that we don't want him to! We have baby proofed some of the house- the cabinets that I don't want to continually clean up and we have gates everywhere which have helped to contain little Mr. Explorer.

Listening To: I do love me some country music! Especially during the summer when I can roll down the windows, turn the radio up, and sing out loud and proud! :)  Tyler and I are pretty big Brantley Gilbert fans and I do enjoy this song a lot...

Anticipating: Our summer vacations that are coming up! We are headed out to the Outer Banks with Krystal, Aaron, and Colt and then back to Grandma's house with Tyler's mom, step-dad, and two of his sisters all in the month of August! It will be nice to get to be on vacation with Tyler especially since he has been working a lot this summer!

Working On: Thinking of more ideas for the blog.. anyone have any? I have been trying to keep it interesting and a good mix of life, Everett, points of view, etc. Am I boring you? Anyone? Bueller? Buller? Bueller?

What have you been currently up to?

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