Friday, July 13, 2012

Fun at Fun Land

Today was a big day for my little guy! Today he got to ride the rides at Fun Land in Rehoboth Beach. Everett and I have been at Grandma's house the past few days and we decided to venture out to "the boards" to get a Nicoboli and to hit up Fun Land.  

I have been coming to visit Grandma since Tyler and I started dating (in 2004) and can remember thinking "one day I'll have a baby and I'll bring him to visit Grandma and then one day he'll be big enough to ride the rides at Fun Land..." I don't think I realized that "one day" would come so fast!  

He really seemed to enjoy the rides especially once he figured out how to ring the bells, push the buttons, etc.  Everyone that saw him would say "awww" and talk to him.  He was definitely the star of the show!  



What are some of your family traditions? 

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  1. These pictures are Great! I remember taking all three of my kids there when they were little! I probably have a picture of Tyler