Monday, July 30, 2012


Why I love nap time...

I don't love nap time because I "get a break" or because "I need some mommy time," I love nap time because it is the perfect opportunity for Everett and I to just be together. For me to remember the days when he was a tiny baby. I love nap time because we cuddle and sleep away the worries of the day. Nap time means a fresh start to the afternoon. Nap time is a time to connect and be simply together. I love to see how peacefully he sleeps, how that paci falls out, and how he looks just like an angel. I love when he wakes up and looks around, sees me and smiles, yawns and stretches, and then cuddles closer and falls back to sleep.

We don't get to nap together often because I usually have things that "have to get done," but when we do, it is perfect.

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