Monday, July 2, 2012

Potty Talk

This is one of those posts that makes me a "Not So Average Momma" because the ideas I am going to write about are probably ones that you've never heard about and will sound really really weird. To be completely honest, I am not concerned one bit if you think it's weird because it works for us. So let the fun begin! 

Today I want to post about poop! Yay! Haha. Seriously though, Everett has had an interesting love affair with the potty lately (see here and here) so I stared researching elimination communication.  I know, I know elimination say what?  

Elimination communication (EC) "is a gentle, natural, non-coercive process by which a baby, preferably beginning in early infancy, learns with the loving assistance of parents and caregivers to communicate about and address his or her elimination needs."  
(Definition found here.) 

So we have been working on this for the past few days and I have had low expectations for this process.  I don't want to set my sights too high because I know that if I am frustrated E will be too. So every morning when E wakes up, we head to the potty.  He sits and reads and plays and hangs out and when he is "done" (i.e. bored, doesn't want to sit any longer, or has actually gone potty) we clap and are excited and hug and then he gets a fresh diaper.  We repeat this process throughout the day usually after meals and naps and if he is giving signals or I think that he has to go. 

So far he's only gone on the potty twice (which is fine) but I don't think he realized he was peeing the first time.  The second time he went number two and I made sure to make a big deal out of it. Wahoo! Yay Everett! He was excited! So it is definitely a work in progress but this is something that works for us so we are committed to it.

Many people decide to let their kids run around naked so that they can more easily see when their child needs to go but others still use diapers or even training pants. I am planning on continuing to use our cloth diapers (see posts here, here, and here) for the time being. Also, it is important to keep in mind that EC is not potty training rather becoming potty trained is a by -product of EC.

BIG KUDOS to my mom who even went out and purchased a potty for her bathroom upstairs so that we wont have to run downstairs if E has to go. Thanks mom! :)  I am so proud that you're my mom and that you are willing to participate in the parenting style that Tyler and I have, even if our ideas aren't "mainstream!" 

If you're interested in learning more about EC check out these websites: 

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  1. WTG Everett and I think it awesome you two are parenting with your own unique style and trying things that aren't mainstream!