Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Daily Happenings: 5/22/12

Here's a look at Everett's birthday in pictures! "Aunt" Jess and "Uncle" Danny came over to celebrate with Lily (Everett's friend), Everett, and I. 
In typical fashion, the day started with E playing with the toilet!
Oh fun stuff!
Wearing his birthday bib!
My birthday boy!

We made a stop at the mall food court- the kiddos ate before we got there but they enjoyed some nice H20 while we ate! 

I am one!
After we ate we headed over to the play area at the mall so Lily and Everett could run around and "get the sillies out!" They had a blast! 
She is so cute!
Aww best buddies!
Birthday boy!
After everyone had fun running around the play area we headed over to Build-A-Bear so that Everett could build his birthday present! 

First you have to "stuff it"

Now you pick out a heart

Kissing the heart
Tucking it into his bear
Ta-da! He's stuffed!

Next you have to give him a fluff bath!
Lily getting a ride from Uncle Danny!
E with his cowboy bear!
Before we left the mall we had to stop to let the kids ride the "pony" in anticipation for E's Giddy Up Cowboy party this weekend! 
All smiles!
Lily on the pony!

Apparently, I was really excited about it!
After we left the mall we headed over to one of Everett's FAVORITE places in the whole world- Carl's Ice Cream. He knows what Carl's is and gets so excited when we get out of the car! The kids both LOVED their ice cream! 
Uncle Danny and Everett
Both of them were sitting on the bench like big kids!
Aren't they so cute?!
When we got back home from Carl's it was time for Aunt Jess and Uncle Danny to go. It was so fun to get to see them and have them here to help us celebrate Everett's birthday! Check out Jessica's blog here- you may notice a certain birthday boy featured in her post yesterday!
Love these guys!
We finished up our night at Chick-Fil-A for dinner with Daddy (Tyler), Gran (my mom), and Uncle Jon (my brother). Coincidentally our church (Mount Ararat) was having a fundraiser for a mission trip to France so we were able to "eat for a good cause" and see a lot of our church family, too! 

Happy birthday baby big boy!
So that's what we did for Everett's birthday- I think we wore him out because he fell asleep around 7:30pm! Crazy boy! :) Thanks to all for the birthday wishes, he is such a wonderful little boy! 

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  1. Looks like you had a great day! Love, Nona aka Gigi