Monday, May 7, 2012

What to do?

To baby proof the house.. or not to baby proof the house, that is the question.  Seriously, this  has been bothering me for the past few weeks now that Everett is able to open the cabinet doors and drawers.  He is a pretty good listener for an 11 month old but I am getting tired of saying "no" all the time.  I don't want to be "that" mom that is always nagging after her kid! 

I want Everett to have a safe place where he can have fun and enjoy playing without having to be constantly moved away from things that he wants to get into that he shouldn't be getting into.  Right now, our living room is set up to be a playroom of sorts however there are still a few things that I do not want him to play in.  How do you keep your kids from getting into things? If I baby proof everything will he ever learn to not get into things?  If I don't baby proof will I be rearranging my house and cabinets for eternity?  

What are y'alls thoughts on baby proofing? Did you go through attempting to teach your children not to get into things or did you buy all the gear and baby proof your house? 

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  1. I would def babyproof! I babyproofed the minute that Ciro started crawling. I put the locks on the cabinate doors, even if there was nothing too harmful inside of them, covered outlets and def block stairs. Don't forget to make sure your coffee cup is out of reach. I learned that the hard way with Ari. I remember reading somewhere that if you keep saying "No" all the time your child will no longer respond to it. Plus he is still a baby so he can't quite understand yet. always better safe then sorry. AND my favorite part, I can totally (well not totally) relax while Ciro is in our downstairs area because I know that theres not too much for him to get into and he can still explore. It gives me time to do things like blog :-)