Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Bears

I guess this post should really be called: Elephants and Zebras and Birds because that's all we really got to see at the zoo yesterday! 
They weren't being very social.
Just playing around!
I'm not sure what this is...
Grandmother, Poppa, Gran/my mom, Lily, Everett, and I all loaded up into the car and headed up to the National Zoo to do some sight animal-seeing before Grandmother and Poppa left to go back home. We had a great time and only shared the same complaint... it was HOT. I mean really hot. Luckily there was a nice breeze and the zoo has the misters set up along the walkways so we were able to sit under walk through those and cool off. 

Well at least the adults were looking at the camera!
So pretty!
I love the faces he makes!
My friend Tiphany lent me her double stroller which came in very handy to use! I prefer to "wear" Everett but I don't think that it would have been very comfortable for either of us today. 
Oh! What is that?!
Coming through! Beep beep!
I think the kids had fun seeing the animals and making all sorts of animal noises. Overall the bird house won the prize for "best toddler attraction," they loved it.  I assume because they could get up nice and close and could see the birds flying back and forth.
She was too excited about the birds!
Umm excuse me but I think you are supposed to stay behind the rail!
So the zoo was a great success and we will definitely be back... in October.

Nap time!

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