Tuesday, May 1, 2012

For the LOVE of Cloth: Part 1 of 3

I love cloth diapers! They are so cute and are very easy to use, not to mention they are great for the environment.  Now I know that those of you who are new to the whole cloth diapering thing are thinking that I am crazy but trust me, cloth diapers have come a long long long way from what they used to be! I will be posting in part 2 about how to care for cloth diapers and in part 3 about why we decided to switch to cloth diapers! 

In this post I am going to give a quick breakdown of the basic types of different cloth diapers- keep in mind that there are dozens of options and combinations of cloth diapers. To read more, check out this site.

Pocket Diaper:
A pocket is a type of diaper that you will stuff with what is called an insert. There are two types of Pockets. The first is one that fits all sizes (one size) and the other is an actual size that you buy to fit at certain weights (small, med, large, etc). You stuff a pocket with an insert because a pocket is just a shell. The insert catches the pee and poo. Pocket diapers have a liner in them (as do most good diapers) called PUL. PUL is a waterproof liner that repels water (pee) and will preserve your diaper.
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A prefold is like the old days when you have that diaper that you safety pin. Now they have something different then safety pins, called a snappi which is safer. These are not waterproof so you would need to use a cover OVER it. (I’ll explain later.)

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Fitted Diaper:
A fitted is a cute diaper that fits snugly against your baby but is not waterproof. They look like pocket diapers but have the functionality of a prefold.

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A cover is a waterproof diaper that goes over a prefold, insert, or a fitted. It is made out of PUL.

All in One (AIO):
These diapers are like a pocket diaper but the insert is sewn into the lining of the diaper so that you never stuff it and you just put it on, take it off. Some have a pocket that you can stuff with an additional insert if you need more wetness protection.

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I personally prefer pocket diapers because they are easy to use and I am able to adjust the level of absorbency by adding or removing inserts. A good thing to keep in mind is that different brand of diapers may fit your baby differently. Maybe your baby is short so your diaper will have a low rise or maybe the legs need more room, etc. As your baby grows you may like one brand better than another because they fit differently.

Here are some good websites to check out:

http://comfyrumps.com/ http://Kellyscloset.com/


  1. awesome! I think i'm going to try these again, i want to try with the snaps because we tried the velcro and ari would take it off and throw it out of her crib and pee....yea...don't wanna do that again

    1. You should! I have a mix of velcro and snaps- I hope E doesn't figure out how to work them! :) Let me know if you need any help with the switch!

  2. so jr and i are thinking about using cloth diapers. even after reading your posts and from a little research i did on my own, i still seem so lost with all of this! information overload. there are so many choices. i believe i read something about insterts that are flushable/compostable. i am definitly interested in the one size fits all diapers. is there any way you can help me out? :P

    kelli loughry