Monday, May 14, 2012

Check Out E's New Ride

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Everett's Great Grandmother and Great Poppa (my mom's parents) bought Everett a Radio Flyer wagon for his birthday- yes, I know it's not until the 22nd but they said he could open it!  

Everett was so cute while we my dad was putting it together. . .
Where does this go?

I'll help!
You're not done? I'll get in anyway!
Wheels are on!

. . . he wanted to help his PigPaw (my dad) with the tools! 
What's this for?
My turn!
Why must we try to put everything in our mouths?!
He (of course) wanted to play in, with, on top of the box. . .
What is this!?
Hello in there?
Camping out!
This is pretty cool Momma!
. . . and started to get anxious as the final touches were happening! "Hurry up PigPaw I want to go for a walk!" 
Gran! Let's go!
Smells like it's time for a walk Momma!

Now that it is nice outside we usually go on a walk at least once a day, but sometimes more.  I think that it is really important for people to go outside and experience nature, even if it is only a stroll up and down the street once a day.  

I am ready!
"Mommy wow! I'm a big kid now!"
This is fun mom! Did you see the cup holders?!
Some walk with shoes. . . I prefer to be barefoot!
Even Tipsy (my sister's dog) got to head out on the wagon! I am not so sure she actually enjoyed it though. . . 

I'll hold you Tipsy!
Just cruising down the street!
Save me Everett!
So there you have it! I think Everett definitely loves his new wagon! THANKS Grandmother and Poppa! 
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CONGRATS to Ashley! 

Please contact me to claim your prize! :) 


  1. ha apparently all you really had to do was give him a cardboard box for his birthday!