Saturday, May 26, 2012

Daily Happenings: 5/26/12

Today was a great day! Tyler, Everett, and I went downtown with Teresa, Tony, and Riley (his mom, step dad, and sister) and with Grandmother and Poppa (my mom's parents).  We grabbed a few pizzas and then walked around to various shops! 

Everett with GiGi!
When we got back home Teresa, Grandmother, and I started getting some of the things for dinner and for Everett's birthday party ready.  It was nice to get to hang out with "the girls!" 
Pretty Riley
After dinner all three families (Tyler, Everett, and I; Tony, Teresa, and Riley; and Grandmother and Poppa) all went out in the front yard. The kids (Riley and Everett) played in the baby pool and the big kids all played corn hole/tailgate toss.  
Grandmother and I
It was a great day! Can't wait until Party Time tomorrow!

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