Monday, May 7, 2012

Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

Tyler, Everett, and I joined our friends Walter and Angelina for a fun night out at Nationals Park last night to see the Washington Nationals take on the Philadelphia Phillies.  It was an awesome time and we had a blast.  
Walter, Everett, and Angelina
Daddy and Everett
Family picture!
Everett and Momma

Everett spent most of the game playing "musical chairs" and clapping.  We caught him dancing to the music several times- it is so cute.  He had a little help from his new best buddy, Walter in the video below! 

The game was great- well until the end when the Phillies put a beat down on the Nats! It was very interesting to be at a game where I am not necessarily a fan of the home team (I'm a Houston Astros fan and Tyler and I are both Baltimore Orioles fan.)  I definitely sympathize with people who go to a game and support the opposing team- the Phillies fans were getting hassled like crazy last night! 

Give me your hat Mr. Walter!
Everett did not want a picture with "National Jackson"
Jayson Werth walking off the field after being injured. 
Everett munching on an Ella's Kitchen Nibbly Finger and watching the game!
The highlight of the game (for us) was when Steve Lombardozzi sent a foul ball right into our section and get this... Walter caught it!  It was so cool!  I got several texts from friends saying they saw us on tv! Luckily my parents were watching it and were able to get a video of it for us! Check it out! 

Nice catch!
Everett taking it all in.
Seriously, Walter is our new babysitter.
We had excellent seats (thanks again to Walter and Angelina) and it was the perfect night for a baseball game.  We adjusted Everett's schedule a few days ago so that he would stay up longer and be happier (ideally) for the game since it started at 8:05pm.  He did really well and didn't put up a fuss until the top of the 8th inning! 

Our amazing view of the field.
Our view of "those people" after too many beers!
He passed out during the bottom of the 9th inning!
Time to go home! Game's over!
He didn't even wake up when we brought him in from the car!

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  1. 1. that was the cutest video of Everett dancing!
    2. I can't believe your friend caught the ball! Thats like a dream come true of mine haha I would probably freak out and close my eyes or soemthing stupid like that even if i had the chance.