Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Letters to Everett: 5/22/12

My sweet boy, 

One year ago today you came into my life and nothing would ever be the same again. You have blessed me so much and I am so grateful to be your momma.  You are such a joy to have in my life and every day with you is amazing.  This past year with you has changed me in so many ways and has made me truly appreciate everything so much more.  
3 Months
You are crawling up a storm and are getting into everything which makes momma have to work hard at keeping everything put away! You still enjoy playing with the toilet and the diaper sprayer, but that's okay because it makes you happy (and it makes me keep it extra clean!) 
6 Months
You are growing so fast and learning so much every day.  You say "Daa-eee" (Daddy), "Daaa" (Dog), "Mommmma," "Bec-ha" (Becca), "Tyler," "Rara" (Laura), and "Hi!"  You like to give high fives and wave goodbye!  You also know all done, arms up, more, and dog in sign language. 
9 Months
This year has been full of "firsts" for you (and me too!)  We have done so many things cool things together and I can't wait to see what this next year brings us.

I love you to the moon and all the way back! 

12 Months
05/22/11: Birthday! 7:01am, 6lbs 12oz, 20" long
05/25/11: First doctor's appointment, first trip to Target
05/27/11: First tummy time
05/28/11: First time you made eye contact while nursing
05/29/11: First trip to church (Mount Ararat), first time at a restaurant (Panera), first smile (while awake), first trip to Carl's Ice Cream
05/30/11: (Memorial Day) First trip to Washington DC (to take NOH8 photos), umbilical cord fell out today
05/31/11: Took newborn photos at The Picture People, first trip to the mall
06/01/11: First trip to El Gran Charro
06/03/11: First time at a golf course, first trip to Uncle Julio's (Mexican restaurant), first time you rolled from your back to your stomach
06/10/11: First trip to visit Daddy and Gran at work
06/12/11: First trip to NSCofC
06/19/11: First out of town trip (to Norfolk, VA)
06/19/11: First time you rolled from your stomach to your back
06/24/11: Officially grew out of newborn size clothes and diapers
06/26/11: First time swimming at Uncles Scott's
06/29/11: First time taking the dogs to the dog park, first trip to Government Island
07/02/11: First time Gran and PigPaw babysat you
07/05/11: First laugh
07/11/11: First "coooooo"
07/31/11: First time in class at church (with mom and dad)
08/11/11: First trip to Delaware to visit Great Great Grandma Howerton
08/14/11: First trip to Grotto's Pizza/Grand Slam, first movie in a theater
08/15/11: First time at the beach, first time on a carousel
08/30/11: First fantasy football draft
08/31/11: First time you blew bubbles/raspberries
09/08/11: Figured out how to suck your thumb
09/11/11: First time watching the Cowboys on tv
09/18/11: First belly laugh (PigPaw made me!!)
10/02/11: First time you found your feet
10/08/11: First time watching the Caps on tv
10/09/11: First time you found "yourself"
10/15/11: First time to the Pumpkin Patch
10/16/11: First time to stayed by yourself at Bible class, Baby Dedication
10/25/11: First time you tried to sit up by yourself
10/30/11: First time we gave you a sippy cup
10/31/11: First time you reached for mommy
11/06/11: First day to ride in your big boy convertible car seat
11/13/11: Family trip to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
11/14/11: First trip to the zoo (Zoo America in Hershey, Pennsylvania)
11/15/11: First time you high-fived daddy, First time you ate puffs
11/23/11: First time you spit out your paci when I got ready to nurse you
11/24/11: Started baby led weaning today (Thanksgiving)
12/01/11: First time you had a cold
12/02/11: First tooth broke through today
12/03/11: Second tooth
12/30/11: First solid poo
01/04/12: Started rolling as a means of transportation
01/11/12: First time we left you to be babysat by someone not related to you (Sonja Jones "Church Grandma")
01/09/12: First time you waved
01/10/12: First word "Hi," you've been saying "momma" but not specifically to me
01/21/12: First time you sat up by yourself from laying down
01/26/12: First time I let you take a nap on your belly
02/02/12: First time on an airplane, first visit to Texas
02/03/12: Said "daddy"
02/06/12: You started crawling today!
02/10/12: Used your first baby sign (all done) today!
02/19/12: First time you clapped
02/25/12: First time you cruised from the table to the couch
03/08/12: Third tooth- top right
03/09/12: Fourth tooth- top left
03/13/12: First time mommy saw you dancing
04/07/12: First trip to the circus 
05/20/12: First time you stayed in Bible class by yourself for the whole service


  1. You forgot the first time at a Phillies-Nationals game. Gee wiz!!! and to think we were important...HAHA!!! Just kidding. That is cool how you kept track of all that stuff. Congrats and happy birthday little buddy.

    1. Ah yes! I totally forgot, I'll have to update it! :) Thanks! See ya on Sunday!