Saturday, May 5, 2012

Giddy Up Cowboy

With Everett's first birthday rapidly approaching (seriously, where has the time gone!?) I figured it was high time I got my tail in gear and got the invitations to his party out!  I hate procrastinating and of course I decided to hand make all of the invitations to his party! I decided on a "Giddy Up Cowboy" theme, mostly because it sounded like a cute idea but also because Everett's Aunt Rebecca bought him some cute cowboy boots and I bought him a cowboy hat. 

Before I could make his invitations I had to take some pictures of him in his cowboy outfit so I headed over to my friend Gina's house to take pictures in her backyard (thanks again Gina!) Everett looked so cute in his boots and hat! So cute that it was hard to pick only one picture to put on his card! Below are a couple of the pictures that I took! 

Seriously, isn't he a cute kid? I can't get over it! Thanks to my Stampin' Up demonstrator, Sharon Totton I was able to get most of the things I needed to make my invitations through Stampin' Up however, I did get a few odds and ends from Hobby Lobby.  I enlisted the help of my sister and we got to work on the invitations. 

First there was stamping. . .
Then there was cutting and gluing. . . 
Then there was more stamping. . . 
Finally came more stamping, gluing, cutting, and assembling. . . 
And before you know it (hours and hours later) we had a finished product! 
Sorry, no details here! :)

They turned out great and I can't wait until the party! It's going to be one rootin' tootin' good time! If you feel as if you should have gotten an invite to Everett's birthday party please let me know- sometimes my mind escapes me and I would hate to leave anyone out!  :)  


  1. wowzers! so good! love how we both used stamps, brown envelopes, and twine :) i didn't get one. did you send it to VA?

    1. Ugh! I sent it to you on Monday! I wonder where it is!

  2. I totally hand made all of E's party invitations too! :) We seriously would have been such awesome coaches together.

    1. You did?! I would love to see a picture, I bet they are precious! I can't believe our E's are growing up so fast! We need to get them together asap! And yes, we would have been great together- maybe someday!