Friday, May 18, 2012

Home Again

Everett and I had a great vacation at Grandma's house this past week but unfortunately the fun had to end and we had to come back to reality!  We really enjoyed being able to spend some quality time with Grandma, going to the beach, feeding the birds, and relaxing.  

Birthday present from grandma! 
Pretty sunset
Keeping away from the bugs
Where's his nose?
Night time on the bay

Before we left we had to take the obligatory pictures by the bay to commemorate our trip.  I am pretty sure that Tyler has a picture like this for every summer of his life. :) 
Everett and his Great Great Grandma
Everett and Momma
Mowgli wanted to get in the picture too!
The day before we left to come home Everett woke up with a super snotty nose!  Poor kid, he could barely breathe! He was overall still in good spirits even though he was clearly miserable! 

Hi Momma. . .
Overall it was a wonderful trip and although I did have to work every morning it was still nice to be able to get away from the hustle and bustle. THANKS again Grandma for letting us come over. :) 

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  1. Those pics are great! Hes gonna have those for the rest of his life!