Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tattoo Diaries

Now that I have (quite) a few visible tattoos I get asked about them a lot so I figured why not take the time to document all of them?  It's nice to have a place where I can put this kind of stuff. I will try to remember when I got all of them but some of the dates are a little fuzzy (some of them are 7+ years old!)  Here goes nothing! 

Here's my first tattoo. I was 18 and I thought it would be "so cool" to have a trail of horse shoes tattooed on me because "I love horses."   Hmmm.  Ya, not my best tattoo decision but also not the worst (more on that later.)  
Trail of horseshoes
Right front on hip
Strip mall tattoo place, 2005
The next tattoo I got was the key to Tyler's heart (insert awwwww here.)  I know it's sappy but we were young and in love and we still are so na-na-na-na-na to all the nay-sayers.   Jimmy Cumberland did this for me and I love how antique looking it is.
The key to Tyler's heart
Left side on hip
Jimmy Cumberland
Jack Brown's Tattoo Revival, 2006
So back to the worst tattoo mistake ever! Tyler and I had a (very nice) guy give us tattoos in a friend's apartment. It was really really really painful (as all rib tattoos are) and did not come out looking just like I wanted it to so I headed over to the talented Kelley Drake at Jack Brown's Tattoo Revival to have it cleaned up. I wish I could find the before picture but I can't find it-  Kelley is a miracle worker!
Holy Trinity
Right, upper ribs
Some guy in an apartment, 2007
Redone by Kelley Drake, Jack Browns Tattoo Revival, 2007
This next tattoo is one of my favorites (well I love them all) but I love it because it's such a beautiful piece of jewelry that I get to wear all the time! This was the first of a few tattoos I have had done by Katie Davis at Salvation Tattoo Gallery in Richmond, Virginia.
Right foot
Katie Davis, Salvation Tattoo Gallery, 2008
Tyler and I went to Aruba for our honeymoon, Tyler had been there once before and loved it. At first when I got there I was not a happy camper on account of the wind but after the first day I fell in LOVE with Aruba. Tyler and I did some serious research to find out if moving there could be an option but we decided that then (and still now) was not time but one day we are hoping that we will be able to live in Aruba part time at least! So to remember our time in Aruba I got a divi divi tree tattoo! 
Divi Divi Tree (from Aruba)
Right hip (below the Trinity)
Katie DavisSalvation Tattoo Gallery, 2009
My brother Jonathan took all three of our (him, my sister, and I) initials and created an ambigram out of them which is what is in the center of this next tattoo. The flowers surrounding it are Forget-Me-Not's which are one of the symbols for Alpha Phi Omega, the fraternity that I was in at George Mason University (and still am a Life Member of, woot woot!)
L R J ambigram initials
Left side, between hip and ribs (above the key)
Katie DavisSalvation Tattoo Gallery, 2010
I love this little tattoo, it serves as a nice reminder that I can see every day. It also helps me to be accountable for my actions and to ensure that I am truly being the best I can be every day.
Jesus fish
Left, inside on wrist
Katie DavisSalvation Tattoo Gallery, 2010
This next tattoo combines three different cancer ribbons into one and is for my sister and my grandmother. The peach is uterine cancer, the teal is for ovarian cancer, and the orange is for leukemia.  It symbolizes the strength of these two wonderful women! I had this done at a charity tattoo event held by Jack Brown's Tattoo Revival by Fred Pinckard (who works at Salvation Tattoo Gallery). He did a great job of making the three colors blend together and I love it!
Multi-color ribbon for my sister and grandmother
Right forearm
Fred Pinckard, 2011
I wanted to get a tattoo for Everett but I knew that Tyler and I planned on having more children so I didn't want to get something that could not be added to or would be too extravagant. I decided to visit Mr. Kelley Drake again and have him tattoo E's footprint on my shoulder.  As Tyler and I have more children I can get their foot prints added below to make it look like someone was walking up my back. Bring on the "your kids are walking all over you" jokes!  Whenever I wear anything strapless or with shirts with thin straps I always get compliments on this tattoo. The first thing most people say is "that's not real is it?!" I am not sure how I am supposed to answer that.. "Oh no, I just stamp my kids foot on my back every day..."  
Everett's footprint
Right shoulder
Kelley DrakeJack Browns Tattoo Revival, 2011
This brings us to my latest tattoo adventure: my half sleeve (aka total awesomeness.)  This took 5 sessions (8.5 hours total) with the lovely Greg Howell at Jack Browns Tattoo Revival and it turned out even better than I could have imagined. I was so apprehensive and nervous about "taking the plunge" and getting a half sleeve but to say that "I love it" would be an understatement! Each flower/bird represents a woman in my life. 
Cardinal: Laura Campbell (my great grandmother)
Cherry Blossoms: Cindy Day (close friend)
Gardenia: Raeann Litalien (my mother)
Humming bird: Phyllis Shackelford (Tyler's grandmother)
Lavender Hydrangea: Patsy Young (my grandmother)
Lilac: Teresa Jonas (Tyler's mother)
Orange Poppy: Regina Zumwalt (close friend)
Peach Rose: Mildred Howerton (Tyler's great grandmother)
Peruvian Finch: Jessica Alva (close friend)
Stargazer Lily: Sara Thompson (Tyler's stepmother)
Flower sleeve
Left armGreg Howell , Jack Browns Tattoo Revival, 2012
Flower sleeve
Left armGreg Howell , Jack Browns Tattoo Revival, 2012
Flower sleeve
Left armGreg Howell , Jack Browns Tattoo Revival, 2012
Flower sleeve
Left arm
Greg Howell , Jack Browns Tattoo Revival, 2012
So that's it, the whole kit and kaboodle. Thoughts? Likes? Dislikes? 


  1. Lisa Cover-TucciJuly 8, 2012 at 7:07 PM

    LOVE IT~ I also love that you got one i know who to go to and have one of mine touched up. :)
    I am so glad to hear the stories behind them all. I love tattoos and think that the stories behind them make them all the more special.

    1. Thanks! :) I knew that you would appreciate this post!