Friday, September 14, 2012

Just to Brag...

While reading one of my favorite blogs, Young House Love yesterday I saw that Sherry posted a cute tutorial that was fast and (almost) free!  She took the cute new Andy Warhol Campbell's Soup cans and turned them into pen/crayon/marker holders for her little girl's art table. So cute! 

At the end of the post Sherry asked: "Any other fast and almost free projects going on this Friday?"  Well yes Sherry, I do!  I was so excited to share my cloth wipes/unpaper towels tutorial!  I didn't think that she would actually look at my blog BUT she did! Check out the screen shot below! 
AHHHHHH! I was so excited when I saw that not only did she write back to my comment but she read my blog! What?!  Has this happened to anyone?  Been tweeted by celebrities or favorite bloggers? 

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