Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Work, Work, Work

We have been super busy over at the new house getting it ready for the big move this weekend. Here's what we have been up to...

Tyler and his uncle cut a pass through in the wall between the kitchen and dining room
I painted the playroom
Tyler and my dad worked outside all day, trimming the bushes, mowing, weed eating, and power washing
My mom and I took turns watching Everett and cleaning the house while my friend Lisa started the mural in the playroom
Tonya, Sonja, Anne, and I started painting the house- Tonya painted the ceilings in the house, Anne rolled the paint on the walls, and Sonja and I taped and cut in the edges.
My mom graciously watched Everett and Lilly in the playroom while we were painting.
We also had the gas turned on today.
My mom, Tonya, Sonja, and Anne met up at the house this morning and have been painting the walls all day. Tonya is working on "mudding" the walls in the kitchen and hall bathroom.
We also had the carpet in the master replaced today.
I stayed home sick today. :-(
The girls will be back at the house finishing up the painting tomorrow (THANK YOU!) and the driveway is being sealed.
We are having a cleaning service come in to deep clean the kitchen. My mom just told me today that she and my dad are having them clean the rest of the house for us. Thanks guys! :)

So lots of work is happening over at the new place in prep for the move. Pictures will be up soon!

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